Super Moon Myth And Truth

The recent devastation of Japan is linked to super moon phenomena. This write-up helps you know about super moon and its background and effects of moon on earth.

Super moon

Moon is satellite of the Earth. It travels around in elliptical orbit rather than circular manner. As it is elliptical path there are chances for moon to go at farthest point as well as nearest point. Nearest point is called perigee and farthest point is called apogee.

What is super moon?

As moon travels in elliptical orbit, moon's distance towards earth actually varies. When moon comes very near to earth, means in perigee it seems bigger than usual days. This bigger moon is considered as super moon.

Extreme super moon

Super moon on perigee may not be full moon always. But, on March 19, 2011, it is going to be the full moon day. It means on that day, it is going to be at perigee as well as full moon. Full moon at perigee is called extreme super moon.

What is natural effect of moon on earth?

- Ebb and flow of ocean tides happen due to gravity of moon. On full moon and new moon days it is a bit further.

- Earth tides; Chances of earthquakes at the times of full moon. (Earthquakes are natural phenomena, it is not something gory and it happens every day on earth, but we are unable to observe, but only we can observe is bigger ones.)

- Volcano response is higher on the days of full moon and new moon.

Previous super moons and effects

- In the years of 1955 and 1992, there were calamities on eve of super moon.

- In the year of 1974, cyclone Tracy devastated Australia.

- In 2005, two weeks before super moon, tsunami touched Indonesia, which created super moon myth rapid rumour now.

- The Japan devastation by earthquake, subsequent tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdown made it like wild fire rumour.

Astrologers Vs Astronomers

Astrologer Richard Nolle, who coined the term "Super moon", says there is going to be chaos.
Coming to astronomers, super moons and disasters are only coincidence.

Super moon and my advice: I suggest you to do one thing on March 19, 2011 evening. Have a flexible chair and some eatables and enjoy the 30% brighter and 15% bigger moon than normal moon we see every day. God bless all.

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