Tehelka – History and scandals exposed

All about Tehelka – its founding upto the scandals exposed and the story of its staggering success.

The name Tehelka reminds Indians of the scandals like match fixing, casting couch, Gujarat riots, Jessica Lal case and corruption scandals against the NDA government.

Founding and history of Tehelka

Tarun Tejpal, son of an Indian Army officer, worked with the India Today magazine in the 1980s. He then helped in the foundation and success of the magazine Outlook which is a household name today. He resigned from Outlook in March 2000 and started Tehelka.com.
Tehelka.com is an online news website. It publishes news, reviews and editorials from Tarun Tejpal. Tehelka.com received immense popularity because of the sting operations done regarding the match fixing scandals which led to the downfall of many cricketers.
After the mega scandal of the ministry of Defence corruption, financial backers of Tehelka went under a huge firing from the government. Tehelka was clearly destroyed and instead of the corrupt officials getting any investigation, Tehelka was brought down.
The website Tehelka.com was later used to start a national weekly newspaper Tehelka in January, 2004. The newspaper faced a few problems from the Government and other sections and so, it later on turned into a full fledged magazine. The magazine is published in Hindi and English.
Tehelka has since then exposed many high profile scandals including match fixing, casting couch, Gujarat riots, Jessica Lal case and corruption scandals against the NDA government.

Details of Tehelka – weekly magazine

Editor of Tehelka – Mr. Tarun Tejpal
First Issue of Tehelka – 2003
Country – India
Languages in which Tehelka is published – English and Hindi
Circulation of Tehelka (rough estimate) – 1,40,000(2009)
CoverPrice of Tehelka – Rs. 10 to Rs.20 per issue (Rs. 300 per year)

Scandals exposed by Tehelka

Match Fixing exposed by Tehelka

Tehelka.com revealed tapes where they showed an Indian cricketer who disclosed names of all the cricketers like Mohammad Azharuddin, Hansie Cronje and other famous cricketers had connection with the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. The tapes also showed evidence of the match fixing details and the procedure that is followed by the Don in the match fixing scandal. The match fixing scandal became talk of the town with all the media and newspapers in India showing those tapes and extracts of the tape. Tehelka.com had arrived and arrived with a bang.

Corruption scandal of Ministry of Defence – Operation Westend

Tehelka set up a bogus London based company. Tehelka approached the officials of the Ministry of Defence of the Indian Government. The company made offerings in the form of defence equipments such as thermal binoculars.
In a shocking revelation, a tape showing Bangaru Laxman(secretary of the BJP) taking bribe of as much a 4% of the total deal finance to sign the deal. This was clearly visible in the tapes that Bangaru was taking bribe. The tapes also showed Jaya jaitley(head of Samata Party, part of the coalition Government) who also demanded bribe.
The biggest scandal, though, was that the Ministry officials demanded prostitutes and alcohol as commission in return of the deals signings. Tehelka procured prostitutes and showed the entire world the real face of the Ministry officials who were completely shameless and without having any integrity.
George Fernandes, head of the Ministry of Defence, resigned in the wake of these accusations, though he himself wasn't involved in any of the tapes or accusations. He came back to power soon but the damage was done. Tehelka was destroyed by the Government tax official since then and all financial backings were shut down for Tehelka.

Gujarat riots were made open by Tehelka

Tehelka took up a 6 month investigation to find out the truth from the Gujarat Governement officials regarding the 2002 riots that happened in Gujarat. The entire nation was stunned by the intensity of the riots and the non-participation from the police and other officials to stop down the riots and the violence done to the Muslims during that period.
The allegations were made against the Gujarat chief Minister Narendra Modi that he let the violence happen and did not take necessary corrective action to stop the violence. The case was handed to the CBI and the investigation is still due. But many top officials of the Modi government have faced the storm and have resigned from their posts after the hearings conducted by the CBI evidence against them in the 2002 riots.

Jessica Lal Case

Tehelka was one of the chief reasons why the truth behind the Jessica Lal murder case came in front of the people and it became such a massive case in the history of Indian politics and organization. The entire youth of the country came together against the injustice done and justice finally prevailed in this open case.
Tehelka showed evidence in the form of tapes to the media where the eye witness of the case opened his details why he lied in the court and gave crucial evidence how the politicial from Haryana, whose son was the prime suspect, made all possible methods to break the witnesses and evidence. Finally, the truth was in public and the case was re-opened in the Supreme court and justice prevailed when the prime accused got life sentence for killing the waitress, Jessica Lal.
The Jessica Lal case became a symbol for the entire nation that proved that justice can be achieved if we all came together. Tehelka made a major contribution in this historical revelation that changed he entire nation.

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