Conservation of electricity - the do's and don'ts!

We all use electricity for most of the purposes in our day to day's life. How many of you would think right about the use of electricity? Here in this article, you will find the right ways of using electricity and the ways to conserve electric energy for our future.

Conservation of electricity:

Electricity is a form of energy which we utilize every day in our day to day life. I would say that we have become addicted to all the electronic and electrical gadgets that we couldn't imagine ourselves without electricity. But, think about this. How many of us do utilize this vast energy properly. This article explains you the right ways of consuming electricity and conserving them for our future generations.


Electricity is just one form of energy. I hope everybody knows that Energy can be neither created nor destroyed but only it can be transformed from one form into another form. If you ask a small kid, where does electricity come from? he might say that it comes from their home's meter box or from the windmill or generators. All those answers are right, but only that they are the medium through which the electric energy is extracted for our domestic purposes. The discovery of light bulb by sir Thomas Alva Edison had led to a tremendous development in the field of electric energy. Whatever invention you might have heard of, all of them are either created by nature or inspired from nature. Thats why the strength of nature is enormous and there are no limits for the discoveries and inventions.

We get electricity from various kinds of sources. Some of the major sources are from Wind energy, hydro power, chemical energy, nuclear energy, solar energy, tidal energy etc. As mentioned earlier, these energies are converted to electrical energy with the help of suitable devices and instruments. They converted energy is stored in a single place and then transferred to the consumer's place over miles and kilometers. Initially, scientists found it difficult to transfer electricity to distant places as they incure heavy loss of energy. Later the invention of a transformer had brought a signifcant change in transferring electricity to distant places at ease that too with much loss of energy. The process by which the other forms of energy are converted to electrical energy are mostly natural but the conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy is unhealthy to the environment as they release the pollutants directly into the atmosphere.

Wind Energy:

This is one of the best method of generating electricity from the air. You might have seen the huge wind turbines installed in places
away from the cities. This is because, the efficiency of the wind turbines are higher in the areas receiving more amount of air in the form of wind. As the wind blows, it makes the turbines to spin along it's centre where a rotating shaft is located. This works on the similar principle of your ceiling fan but in the reverse order. The curvature of the blades in the wind turbines are perfectly designed so that they take the wind energy easily without causing much friction against the wind. This source has very much practical value and so it could be installed anywhere in this world where there are good winds.

Hydro Energy:

Hydro energy is also one of the common way of generating electricity. The flow of water over the turbines makes them to spin along a
central shaft which again helps to produce elecrticity. Dams and reservoirs plays a major role in contributing to the hydro power. They help to pressurize the flowing water along a particular direction over the turbines. Due to friction, they turn the turbines. This is also one of the natural way of generating electrical energy. Every country has taken measures to build dams and reservoirs where they are rich in water resources.

Chemical energy:

A simple energy of generation of electricity from chemical energy is the generator that are commercially used in houses, appartments, corporate offices and institutions. They convert the chemical energy(mostly diesel) into electrical energy. The dis-advantage is that they emit the pollutants into the atmosphere which is again contributing to the global warming. Generating electricity from coal also does the same harm to our environment. So this method of generating electricity must be avoided as much as possible.

Solar energy:

Solar energy is one of the best method of extracting electrical energy. This is a vast source of energy, but the practical methods used for the conversion of solar energy to electrical energy are less efficient. scientists are working on that to increase its efficiency. Solar energy is available all over the world irrespective of the geographical locations, except the areas surrounding the north poles and the south poles. In Asian countries like India, solar energy are available almost throughout the year.

Nuclear energy:

This is also on of the best artificial method found to generate electrical energy. The process of fission and fusion reactions helps the conversion of energy from one form to another. This method is very much effective but it comes at certain cost. They are very dangerous and should be carried out only in a sealed environment. So, the nuclear plants must be situated far away from the cities and residential areas which incures a lot of transportation of energy costs. But this should be compromised upon the safety of humans and other living creatures.


Being aware of the various sources of electrical energy, you can even contribute a lot to conserve them. Some of the most common mistakes
that people commit and the solution are as follows.

1. Energy is available everywhere. since your school or college charges you a fee, it doesn't mean that you can use the electrical and the electronic devices at the school as much as you can. This is so wrong. In this case energy is wasted.

2. Know the difference between consuming energy and wasting energy. COnsuming energy means somebody somewhere is using it for specific purposes. Wasting energy means somebody somewhere is using electrical energy for nothing. Its useless right.

3. Don't show your anger of your school, college, work place etc on energy. Understand that we get energy from nature and making it useless means it like hurting our own mother nature.

4. Don't just walk away when you see others making electrical energy useless.

5. Don't waste electrical energy even for a single second. Once its wasted it means that it has been used for nothing.


Here are some of the ways by which you can actually help yourself and your community around you to contribute towardss the conservation of energy.

1. Ask people to use switch off the lights and fans when not in use.

2. Educate people about how electrical energy is generated and encourage them to contribute towards the conservation of electrical energy.

3. Give presentations, lectures and seminars in colleges, schools and corporate offices about how they can help towards the contribution of conserving the energy.

4. Spread the awareness throughout the world through every possible source available to you.

5. Take your friends and relatives to some kind of field trips to the various electricity generating stations and explain them how actually they work. Most of them will realize their responsibility once they see how things work.

I hope everybody in this world can contribute their little effort to conserve energy. Together, we can make a big difference. After all, this is our mother nature in our earth. We should think responsible and act.
Good luck guys!

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Author: Sharada28 Mar 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

All of them can use CFL bulbs which is more energy saving and even the government will be taking steps in this regard for saving the energy.

Try to use more of solar energy which is available in plenty at homes, offices, schools.

Since it is summer now most of them would put the fans ON and would not be bothered to OFF it after the classes are completed. Take initiative to save power after the teacher leaves the room.
Don't be in a hurry to rush home. Even this is a part of your responsibility.

Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman28 Mar 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Important resource in this situation, that too in this summer.

Many of us by thinking that company/office is paying electricity bill, what loss to us, keep the fans and lights as it is when we leave the office. It is nothing but a mistake as we are wasting our stock of electricity and in future defenitely the loss is to us only. Think the situation
when you are sick and in bed and at that time power gone?

When your wife is preparing lunch for you on the time you are rushing to office urgently - the power gone off?

When your child cries in the bed at the night hours and the current gone off?

We should not be the reason for the lack of stock in the electricity on any occassion and we should be practised to switch off the lights and fans running unnecessarily anywhere.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha22 Aug 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

We must be taught how the this precious energy can be utilised in an effective way so that there is minimal wastage with our adequate knowledge regarding its proper utilisation. There are a few valuable tips which would be helpful to conserve the electricity-
1) The electrical - appliances being used in the homes should not carry a long wire so that electrical transmission is delayed at the end point and moreover, the excess long wire may cause a voltage - drop within the circuit.
2) wherever possible, the old bulbs should be replaced with LED bulbs because the later would save power owing to brighter light with less watt. Three LED bulbs of 7 watt is sufficient to illuminate a large room of 400 sq ft area.
3) There should be less use of high consumption of power in the peak time between 5 and 7 pm since such usage may lead to tripping of power.
4) Sufficient training should be given to the family - members regarding the proper use of appliances. When the service is not required power should be switched off.
5) In order to avoid voltage - fluctuation, Voltage - stabiliser should be installed across the costly equipments such AC, Fridge, TV etc.
The author has enlisted all the valuable points to conserve the power be it solar - power, wind - power or thermal based power but a little awareness from the end customers would save the power substantially thereby improving the power supply to other needy consumers.

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