Gobar Gas, The Cheapest And Eco-Friendly Source Of Energy

This is an article about Gobar gas. It tells the importance of Gobar gas today and in future. Gobar gas is also known as Bio gas. It is the cheapest and eco-friendly source of energy.

Gobar gas

What is Gobar gas ?
Gobar gas is an organic gas manufactured in a huge and closed container. The main components of gobar gas is animal dung(gobar) along with some other organic matter like dead remains of plants and animals. For the manufacturing of gobar gas, the container should be closed as this process includes in-aerobic oxidation of waste inside the container.

Some important points about Gobar gas
* It is conventional and renewable source of energy.
* It is not only cheaper and reliable but also environment friendly as it does not cause any pollution.
* It is used as a fuel in villages as it does not costs to them and more over their waste products are also utilized.

Now a days scientists recommend the use of gobar gas due to resource crisis. We know the fuels we use like petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG are some how related to petroleum products. These petroleum products are moving towards its extinction as they are exploited recklessly, without considering the needs of future generation.
They can also be used as an alternatives of LPG(liquid petrolium gas) and CNG(compressed natural gas). There is only one drawback that gobar gas occupies more volume. This fact can be with the help of a small example. If LPG cylinder stores 14 kg of gas then the same cylinder will store 8 to 9 kg of gobar gas. But this drawback can be compensated with its features that it costs less and has good fuel efficiency.
It's new use which has been recently discovered is that gobar gas can be used to produce electricity with the use of modern technology. This point about gobar gas can be again used for the discussion about replacement of other sources of electricity like hydro power, thermal power, and nuclear power with gobar gas energy plant. As these power plants specially nuclear power plant can be harmful to a much extent. An example of this we have recently seen in Japan after Tsunami. So in accordance to remove these hazardous and costly factors we need to promote Gobar gas plants.
With the development of science and technology it is considered that Gobar gas will be the most fuel providing resource in the future. As this is the only fuel till known which has the ability to remove other costlier sources of energy.

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Guest Author: s s patel06 Jan 2015

a LPG cylinder can accommodate 14 kg of LPG at a pressure of 19 bar where as bio methane can be accommodated 9 kg gas at higher pressure say 200 bar+ in the same size of cylinder.

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