Career in Hair Cutting, Hair Dressing And face Make Overs

Groom your career while brushing up hair. Who doesn’t want to look smart and good? In order to look gorgeous, people don’t falter a bit to spend a lot. This is the reason why the beauty and wellness industry is flourishing by leaps and bounds. If you too wish to establish yourself in the beauty market, you can run your own flourishing beauty saloon after taking . Let’s learn how!

Hair dressing and hair cutting has evolved upto face make overs. If you so want, you can become a hair stylist to earn name and fame both.

According Earnst & Young Ficci Report, the present beauty market is worth 11000 crores of rupees. Anybody, wishing to have a hair style suiting his personality can come to consult the experts in the art of hair cutting and grooming. Only the experts in the field knows better which style of hair would suit your persona the best, and certainly not you yourself! Through this article, know to have a foot hold in the field if you wish to. Please read on….

Training is essential

Formerly, only two to three styles of hair cuts were considered sufficient. But now, there is a fashion of different cuts for different faces. Along with this, the fashion of hair colour, hair straightening, treatment for hair loss has been added to with high speed. It's therefore; unless you take the training you cannot know how to perform the various tasks of the business. Only during the course of getting the training can you know the nuances of the technical trends prevailing, cleaning faces, about the chemicals and the herbs in use, make up tricks etc. This training could last 1 month, 2 months, 3 months. Doing the course of longer duration is better and more beneficial. You could be an expert after the training.


The course related to Hair Dressing could be done after passing out the 12th standard. Nevertheless, you could do this after passing 8th standard as well. The point here to be noted is that if you do the training course of a Hair Dresser with a 12th standard certificate or for that matter with a graduation degree then your capacities to change to experiment things according to the changing trends get enhanced. There develops a sense of patience and understanding which will jell you past your clients smoothly by giving them a quality service. A satisfied customer will never go elsewhere leaving you in lurch.

The beginnings

If you have taken the training from a good institute, work with an expert first for at least year. This will teach you the etiquettes and manners of doing the job in a better way and also train you to please customers by rendering your good services.


The initial investment for opening a Beauty Parlour & Hair Cutting Saloon would be to the tune of a lack or a lack and half. If you plan to open your beauty saloon in a big city, then you will have to open up in the main city area so that customers can easily come over to your saloon. In metro cities like Delhi or Bombay, you will have to cough up over a lack of rupees for rentals alone apart from the investments to be absorbed by your parlour. Smaller cities might need smaller investment sums. Majority of the people want their hair cut in the king size styling, therefore possibilities of the business prospects will be available everywhere for you provided yours' is a service something different from the others. Making a mark would entail earning a lot of money.

Cost of accessories and equipments

Would not bleed your noses! The equipments cost a pittance rather! They are easily available in the market between 70-80 thousand rupees.


The earning in the beginning might appear to be dripping to you, but as the news of the good works and quality services of your Hair Saloon will travel far and wide from the horse's mouth gradually, your saloon become the cynosure of the city. The number of customers will multiply. Supposing you charge 100 rupees for a complete make up works and hair cut. If at least 15 customers visit your saloon daily, your monthly income would come around to 40,000. What more can one ask for with so little an investment? Out of paying for each overhead charge, your net profit would come down to around 15-20000. This arithmetic is in relation to a saloon opened in a smaller city. There is another story of income for the saloons opened in bigger or metro cities where incomes rain by cats and dogs.


Your income will leap frog up if you keep experts in service or on commission basis. Your income, name and fame will abound in geometric progression with every increase in the popularity of your saloon.

Training Centres

1. Jawed Hbib Hair & Beauty Training Institute (Delhi, Chandi Garh, Indore,Mumbai, Patna, etc. ------------------------------

2. Eves Hair Academy,………………………………

3. Harish Big Boss Hair & beauty Institute……………

Based on talks with Mr Tabreja, the owner of the establishment going by the name of "Shahin Hair dressers" of my area where I give a monthly visit for my hair dressing.

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Author: Chitra01 Aug 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

Hair cutting, hair dressing and face make overs have greater scope these days. Fashion is changing and to change our look every other day is in trend now. Unlike earlier days, people visit the beauty parlor at least once a week. Hair is an important part that can change the entire look of our face. Everything from dread locks to short hairs are in fashion. People these days are fed up of the same look everyday. Hence they approach the hair dresser to get a new hair style or to cut their hair into a different style. It is a common practice before attending parties or functions.

Apart from hair cutting or hair dressing, there is one more factor that can give you a new look. That is to get an entire face make over. Even the ok-looking people can be made pretty by doing a complete make over. People are more into it now and more and more people are aware of these facilities and are concerned about their beauty and look. All these factors have increased the scope of career in these fields.

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