The Different Types Of Corruption

The different types of corruption which are commonly seen in our daily life; but no one is taking action against them.

Corruption means the state of being bad and dishonest, especially in matters concerning money. It creates a very impact to the country's education, occupation, living style and mostly the humanity.

Corruption became a sway all over the world now-a-days. It can be categorized in three types. First is - Political corruption, Second - Administrative corruption and third one - Professional corruption.

Political Corruption includes kidnapping, murder, violence, injustice etc. To win in election, political leaders are using wine, women, wealth and everything among the people.

Administrative Corruption includes persons like higher authorities, officers, police officers, clerks, peons, etc. For example, If we give money, then we can get anything difficult, easily. Give money no need to visit the office, you will get driving licenses. By Bribe, a blind and handicap can also get driving license. Money makes the mare go. In hospital, court, & other Govt. Offices everywhere you have to give money for any kind of job.

Professional Corruption means related to . It includes duplicating medicines, duplicating import items/theft items, duplicating hygienic , mixture in eatables etc. Mixture in spices, stones in cereals, animal fats in ghee, kerosene in petrol etc. are under corruption.

All these corruptions are due to the leaders of this country, as well as the citizens. Because, the leaders are promoting the citizen towards corruption by showing money. The main cause of corruption is also modernization of life style like eat, drink, be merry. In modern society they don't think about the country and its future, due to which indirectly they are responsible for this.

To control this corruption, we are the people of nation should work together to fight against it. The election procedure should be change. Election commissioner should give tickets to well educated and requited candidates for election. The tax system should be clear for the illiterate and general people to pay easily. The Govt. expenses should be liberal. The law and order should be strict in each and every sector, and then only it can be controlled.

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Guest Author: sai krishna31 Oct 2014

It is really very much useful article.

Author: K Mohan07 Nov 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 7

While I appreciate the author for bringing this article to the fore and highlighting the plight of corruption in different forms, it is the people like you and me are to be blamed for this much flare up in corruption. The main reason being that we do not have the patience to get the work done at government office not we know the procedure to do so. For example to have a temporary licence for the two wheeler, it is just a question of paying some fees and attending to the on line driving test questions. If that is done, the temporary licence comes to your home by post with just little spending. But we take the help of brokers who charge hefty fees for that and the delay is also more as he will be doing the job with many works on his hand. So we must try to obtain things from government with our own efforts and not depend on middle men.

Guest Author: ameer05 Mar 2016

If the govt employees do their work without bribe, 80% of corruption will be reduced.
Do you remember ant and the sugar cane story? We can put a stop to corruption in many ways like social media, information to police, vigilance and anti corruption staff etc.

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