Nutritional values, uses & varieties of cluster beans or kothavarakkai

This article is related to cluster beans which is a type of beans having a particular taste.In Tamil nadu cluster beans are known as kothavarakkai.

An introduction to cluster beans

In Hindi language, cluster beans are known as Gowaar phalli. It is important to note that cluster bean is also known as guar bean. These cluster beans belong to Kingdom: Plantae & Family: Fabaceae. Actually cluster beans belong to the species: C.tetragonoloba. Remember that cluster beans are annual legumes. This is mainly cultivated in Rajasthan & Maharashtra situated in India. But cluster beans cultivation is also seen in USA & Africa. Sunlight & well drained soil are essential for the growth of cluster beans. The tastes of these beans are different from that of regular beans. Cluster beans are warm season crops. These vegetable is available in the fresh as well as frozen forms in the market. Cluster beans are known as Mattikaya in Telugu & as Kothavarakkai in Tamil languages. This is actually a seasonal bean.

Varieties of cluster beans

It is important to note that cluster beans are of different types. Do you know which are they? If not, check the points given below. Some varieties of cluster beans are
1.Pusa Sadabahar
2.Pusa Mausami
Pusa sadabahar is a single stem variety which is suitable for rainy as well as summer season. But pusa mausami is a branched variety which is good for rainy season only.

Nutritional values, uses & selection methods of cluster beans

Cluster beans are rich in nutrients like protein, fiber etc. They are mainly used for making vegetable curries. The young cluster beans are mainly used for vegetable purposes. Actually the mature seeds of cluster beans are dried & powdered to form guar gum which is used as a thickening agent in ice creams. Before using, it is good to wash them in cold water to remove any dirt particles present in it. You have to pluck both the ends of the cluster beans to remove the thick thread present on it. Then you can easily slice it according to your desired shape.Always try to select fresh cluster beans which donot have any damaged spots on it.

Demerits of cluster beans

I have already mentioned about the taste of cluster beans. If any person doesn't like the taste, they must avoid using it. Another point is that if a person is having an allergic reaction towards cluster beans, then they must never use this vegetable.

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