Apricot fruits: It's varieties, nutritional values, uses, selection methods & demerits

This article is related to apricots which is considered as an important fruit.

An introduction to apricot

Apricot is an important fruit which is present all over the world. It is important to note that apricot belongs to Kingdom: Plantae with Family: Rosaceae. The binomial name for apricot fruits are Prunus armeniaca. The genus of apricot fruits are prunus. Actually the tree which produces apricot is considered to be a small one. The color of these apricot fruits will be orange. It is interesting to note that apricot fruits are drupe which means fleshy part present in the outer surface surrounds the shell with a seed inside. Due to the color, apricots are considered as beautiful fruits. In the markets, dried, canned, fresh apricots are available. This is mainly cultivated in USA, New Zealand etc. In India apricot fruits are cultivated in places like Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab. In USA, California is having cultivations of apricot fruits. Actually apricots are small fruits. In Hindi language, apricots are known as khumani.

Some varieties of apricot

It is interesting to note that there are different varieties of apricots in the world. Remember that some important varieties of apricot are
2.Early golden
3.Gold kist
4.Goldbar apricots
Among the above mentioned varieties, moorpark apricots are famous for their flavor & sweetness. When compared to moorpark apricots, the early golden apricots have fruits which are larger in size. The important properties of gold kist apricots are that they love warm climates & well drained soils. Another point is that the goldbar apricots usually ripen during the summer season.

Nutritional values, selection methods & uses of apricot

It is important to note that apricot fruits are rich in nutrients like β carotene, vitamin C, iron, vitamin A, protein, fat, sugar, dietary fiber, carbohydrates etc. The fiber content present in apricots help to prevent constipation. Also note that β carotene which is represented as C40H56 present in apricots, is good for heart. All people know the fact that vitamin A is good for our eyes. That means the deficiency of retinol or vitamin A results in night blindness.

Apricot can be eaten as fresh fruit itself or it can be used for making jams, desserts etc. Always try to select fully ripened apricot fruits. Also the fruits must be slightly soft with an orange color. That means you must avoid buying apricot fruits which have a pale color. An interesting fact is that fresh apricots can be used in salads & dried apricots can be used in stews. Lycopene is one of the important antioxidant present in apricot fruits.

Demerits of apricot fruit

It is important to note that compounds containing sulfur are added to dried apricot fruits as preservatives. But remember that these compounds are causing some allergic reactions to people suffering from diseases like asthma. So you have to take a little care before using apricot fruits. Another important point is that if you are feeling unhealthy after eating apricot fruits, you have to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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