How To Prepare For Medical Entrance Exams?

Teaser/Summary: Preparing for your MBBS Entrance Exams? Find out how you can get ready for your upcoming Medical Entrance Exam and boost your chances of making the cut to become an MBBS doctor.

Medical Entrance Exams in India, like the MBBS, are reputed as the most difficult of post graduate examinations to pass, and are structured differently from other course entry exams in the country. There are ways to increase your chances of passing the MBBS Exam, and maybe even join the list of the chosen few who will proceed with their medical careers. Read on and find out how you can beat the odds and score high on your Medical Entrance Exam.

What you should know about the MBBS Entrance Exams:

The Indian Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exams are not tests to measure the examinees' knowledge, but to narrow down the list of highly qualified aspirants. These exams are designed to eliminate the majority, and get the selected few who ranked highest in the process.

By understanding that the Medical Entrance Exam does not aim to test your knowledge, but rather filter the shortlist of potential MBBS doctors, your expectations can be set correctly, and you can prepare better for your upcoming exam. You shouldn't aim for getting just a passing score, but you must rank high and focus on getting chosen because of your excellent rating.

It is also a known fact that the MBBS Medical Entrance Exams have repeat questions, and these questions tend to confuse the examinees. Make sure you answer all these repeat questions and provide the correct answers consistently, no matter how many times they appear in the exam.

Your overall objective is to score high and get included in the shortlist. You need to belong in the top ranking examinees; but how? Simply, prepare.

5 Tips To Prepare For Your Medical Entrance Exam:

1. Study.

There is no better guaranty to pass any exam, but to study. There are no shortcuts, no easier way and no lucky strikes to hit the jackpot and belong in the high ranks for the MBBS Medical Entrance Exam. Study gets you prepared and confident.

2. Plan a strategic studying program.

You don't just study, but you do it properly. Find out the date of your Medical Entrance exam, and plan ahead for timelines, schedules, and gathering your studying materials. Organize your schedule and allocate ample time for studying and reviewing. You can make a strategic studying plan by applying effective methods, specifically fit for your learning process, like studying in a quiet environment, making use of visual and auditory references, such as reading aloud, recording your voice on tape and replaying it while doing your daily chores or while exercising.

3. Visit social networks, communities and forums created for and by medical students

Talking to your fellow medical aspirants and medical students who have made it through the tests will help you be better prepared for your medical entrance exam. You will find that most people on these forums are extremely helpful and will readily share tips with you, all you have to do is to ask!

4. Stay focused.

Remember that the MBBS Medical Entrance Exams is not likely to be forgiving, but is designed to eliminate the majority; so you need to be focused on your goal to make the cut. Steer clear from distractions, and just concentrate in preparing for your exam. So, if you have to miss out on hanging out with friends for a few months or skipping your favorite reality show, then be it! Your friends won't go away and tv-shows get plenty of re-runs. In case you are facing emotional of family problems, learn to compartmentalize. Your problems can be dealt with later but if you lose your chance at the medical entrance exam, you will end up losing a year!

4. Be physically and mentally prepared.

After finding out your examination date, you can start preparing physically and mentally, and do this as early as possible. For at least two weeks before your exam date, you must get plenty of rest, eat healthy, exercise and avoid physical and mental strain and stress.

To mentally and emotionally prepare for your exam, you need to be in good physical shape, free of worries and stress, confident and not anxious. So, exercise regularly and seek counseling from a supportive friend or a professional if necessary, to deal with your stress levels.

5. Secure your logistics.

Gather the right kind of studying materials for the Medical Entrance Exams. Studying is not enough, as I mentioned, you need to do it strategically. Applying the correct studying method is useless if you do not have the right books and references. Make sure you have everything you need like a complete set of text books and guide references, sample questionnaire and test papers.

Having said that, it doesn't make sense to waste your time in looking for books! Online book stores and Online libraries offer a great way to get access to book at a reasonable price without wasting any time.


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