Electricity From Ash

The article provides information on how electricity can be produced from ash. It can be used as an electrical project.

Even now in villages people use woods to carry out there energy needs(fire,cooking). So that leads to a lot of ash production as byproduct and the villagers throw them as its of no use. Chemically speaking ash is a mixture of carbon,sulfur and oxygen, in molecular level it contains salts of sulfur,nitrogen and sodium. The project I am gonna explain to you is quite simple. It uses the principle of simple galvanic cell and hence only require a few things.

Apparatus Required:
1)Some coal ash(its the best) or any other ash like wood.

2)A non conductive container i.e a plastic container.

3)A copper and a zinc rod(it can be found in school or collage physics lab).

4)Some wires.

5)A voltmeter(it can be found in school or collage physics lab).
Now after you have organized all of above,its time for some science..

Step 1-mix the ash and water in ratio of 1:2 i.e for every one kg of ash use one liter of water.

Step 2-pour this mixture in the plastic container and then place the two rod's in such a way that they do not touch each other.

Step 3-now the copper will act as positive charge and zinc an negative charge..so connect the wire on the two rods and then connect them with the voltmeter..

Step 4-as soon as you connect the wires to ammeter it will show deflection, not much but at least 1.0v-1.5v, that's enough to light a small led

Now if you want to produce more electricity you can just connect more cells in serial combination, it will increase the voltage output, if you connect 4-5 cells it will be enough to power a small LED for 3 hours continuously. If done on a bigger scale it can do wonders. Now after this process the ash and water mixture can be used as a fertilizer cum insecticide.

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Author: stephin02 Jul 2012 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

ASH has a variety of advantages over other sources of energy.
Some of these being:

1 Wide Availability
2 Economical
3 Easy to Handle
4 Less pollution
5 Reusable
6 Negligible waste produced

Guest Author: jay mehta08 Jul 2014

Hi I have done your project 'electricity from ash'. I have usde LED bulb and it was lightening. Now I have to do it on a bit higher level. So I want to ask you that how can I produce more electricity so I can light a ZERO volt bulb. I have already used 6 containers each with 450gm of ash.So please let me know about it. My name is Jay Mehta. I am in std.7. So please help me. Thanks.

Guest Author: jay u mehta29 Jul 2014

I want to know how can we produce more electricity with ash?

Guest Author: rithesh21 Nov 2014

Please tell the reaction of the solution.

Author: K Mohan25 Jan 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Frankly speaking for the first time I am coming across the fact that electricity can be produced from the ash. It is really a good information shared by the author. If we go to the thermal power unit places, so much ash is being generated from the coal and that is being transported to various other places, probably for this reason. But the companies should construct the facility of manufacturing electricity from the ash at the same place , so that unnecessary transport of the ashes can be avoided. More over ashes flew away due to heavy wind wind while transporting.

While going to Chennai, we could see so many thermal power stations are transporting the ash to other places by big lorries and it is causing problem to the road users that the ashes flew while driving and our eyes gets irritated.

Guest Author: Vedant Shinde04 Apr 2015

Please post the relation between ash and the 2 rods because I am working on this project in order to make liable changes which may make this project viable at large scale.

Author: Ravi Shankar Kumar G24 Aug 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

The information of producing electricity from ash given by the author is very clear and the complete process is explained in such a manner so that anyone can perform the experiment without any doubt. I really want to appreciate the author for giving basic knowledge of generating electricity from ash.

Guest Author: ayushman pachauri03 Oct 2015

How many cells are required to start a tube well motor?

Guest Author: Jeril13 Oct 2015

The Pd cannot be changed. It remains 1.5V.

Author: Adarsh Yadav04 May 2016 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Wonderful. I tried it. It worked. Electricity from ash.
This made me remember something I saw once in villages.
They made same thing using cow dung instead of ash and it used to work well. They called it gobar gas(Quite funny name).

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