Classification of Roads based on IRC

This resource gives the Classification of Roads based on IRC(Indian Road Congress) standards.

Based on Location

Urban Roads:
*Arterial Roads
*Sub Arterial Roads
*Collector Streets
*Local Streets

Non Urban Roads:
*National Highway (NH)
*State Highway (SH)
*District Roads (DR)
The DR are classified into Major District Roads (MDR) and Other District Roads (ODR)
*Village Roads (VR)

Based on Loading

*Class 70R = Can carry 70 tonnes of Load at 30 m interval.
*Class AA = Can carry 70 tonnes of Load at 90 m interval.
*Class A = Can carry extreme loads on permanent roads.
*Class B = Carries little lesser loads than Class A roads.

Based on Surface condition

*Paved or Unpaved Roads.
*Surfaced and Unsurfaced Roads.


Guest Author: Bhavesh25 Mar 2015

can you tell which IRC code/publications gives classification of roads in India?

Guest Author: Anup Gaikwad26 Dec 2015

Based on the volume of traffic, is there any classification of IRC standards?