Benefits of Coconut water (Narial paani)

This article is about the numerous advantages the coconut water has in it. How it cures a number of diseases. It has been shown hereunder that how the coconut water acts as deterrent against fever, nausea, the dangers of osteoporosis, incresing body's immune system. Read it to drink it.

Other benefits of coconut water

1. Immediately provides energy to body,
2. In case of dehydration in body, coconut water with lemon juice is highly effective.
3. Wards off pimple if face is massaged with the mixture of naarial paani and kheera juice.
4. Its regular use prevents heftiness.
5. Highly effective in skin problems,
6. It serves as a preventive measure in chickungunya infection,
7. Coconut water balances the quantity of blood glucose levels,
8. Helps melt down kidney stones,
9. Thwarts the dangers of osteoarthritis,
10. Augments body resistance,
11. Helps in minimising the dangers arising out of diabetes,
12. Coconut water Cures nausea,
13. Strengthens digestive system,
14. Helps stop belching, hiccups,
15. Useful in diarrhoea,
16. Makes bones and teeth stronger.


Drink narial paani through out the year at regular intervals and keep Doctors at lengths. It is cheaper and sold at every nook and corner of the street.

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Hi Saranjit,
Good of you to have spotted the tips out of the crowds. Be benefitted and remain healthy.

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