How To Detect Adulteration (Water And Urea) In Milk?

Nowadays, Milk adulteration is common problem such that everyone is facing from this problem because in summers we have a shortage of milk. The two adulterants which often used in milk are water and urea. Therefore, through this article I will explain to you the detection of adulterant (water and urea) in milk.

How to detect adulteration (water and urea) in milk?Today, Unemployment level is very high which forces young generation to involve in bad activities that includes corruption, black marketing, terrorism, adulteration etc. Nowadays, such common acts are found everywhere on the TV channels and news papers. The more concerning thing is that we have got adulteration in food activities. This adulteration in food causes many dangerous diseases like cancer, food poisoning, kidney failure, high blood pressure, heart veins and artery blockage, urination problem, asthma etc.

Now I am going to explain you the food adulteration in detail according to which undesired material is mixed in the food items and is referred as the food adulteration. Moreover,Milk adulteration is increasing day by day especially in summer season when milk oriented animals like cow, goat and buffalo are giving less milk. Therefore, some people make use of the water as contamination while others use urea as contamination.

A Little care can save your life from adulteration

Milk adulteration is common issue which consist of water and urea as your contamination material but mixing water in milk is not much dangerous as mixing urea in milk and to detect the adulterant (water and urea) in milk following steps are required to be followed-

Firstly, it is required to put a drop of milk on the polished vertical surface and checks the drop for few minutes such that either drop of milk stops or flows slowly from surface or leave a white trail behind it. In case adulterated milk will flow immediately from the vertical surface without any mark then the milk is considered to be adulterated with water.

Other type of adulterant in Milk is urea which is more dangerous than water as it causes harmful diseases to consumer like kidney failure etc. The testing of urea in milk is performed by taking 10 ml of milk in a test tube and then adds 4 drops of bromothymol blue solution and after 10 minutes if the color of solution remains blue after shaking then solution indicates the presence of urea.

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Guest Author: dr poonambudhrani27 May 2014

Very knowlegable and easy method to check urea in milk at home.

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