Difference between money making and earning money

The importance of money in daily life, history of money and everything which should be known by everyone about money is described in this article. This article will help you to understand everything about money and the problems created by money in everyone's life.

Making money is not synonymous with earning money. This is due to the fact that in this world those who possess money have not always earned it. Besides earning money the other means of making money include begging, betting, blackmailing, deceiving, extorting, inheriting, and of course lying. These ways of making money by means other than earning are only illustrative and not exhaustive. It is quite possible that I have forgotten to include some way by which you or someone known to you has made money.

That being the case, you would agree with me that it is impossible to keep stock of all the ways by which people make money. There are a plethora of factors that determine the manner in which people make money. Such factors include the fortune of the family in which one is born, one's inherent talents, one's likes or dislikes, the parental profession or business and the scope to go in for further studies. Other factors include the impact of one's past experiences, the influence of one's company, the responsibility on one's shoulders and also one's upbringing.

Dependence of integrity in money making

The money making method also depends on one's integrity. We do also get to see people changing their rectitude, which makes them change their way of making money. Attending the knock of good opportunity on our door also makes us adopt a new way of making money. The good opportunity need not necessarily be good in the true sense of the word. This is due to the reason that an opportunity which is good in terms of money may be bad in terms of values. After all, in the process of making money people do sometimes earn a bad name. Though the bad name is earned, the money is not always earned?

Our attitude makes the path for earning money

A man started losing the hair on his head. Little by little he had lost a lot of hair. He consulted many people about this problem. He had exhausted all his efforts in trying to grow hair on his head. He reached a stage when he had very little hair left on his head. One day as usual he looked at himself in the mirror. Thoughts passed through his mind and kept him busy thinking. He shaved off the little hair that was left on his head and he became bald. Thereafter he started offering his head to advertisers for a price. They engaged both him and his head and paid him for the same. He took advantage of what people had called his disadvantage. After all it is our attitude which gets us our money.

An extremely successful insurance agent was asked how he had embarked into the insurance business. The gentleman replied that he got the idea on reading the Income tax Act. He added that the Act mentioned about the tax treatment to be adopted for incomes from different types of business and professions. It also mentioned how tax should be deducted at source differently from people carrying out different commercial activities. The different businesses and professions mentioned about in the Act included poultry farming, interior decoration, shipping business, civil construction, hotel business etc. Those who read the Income Tax Act read it to know the provisions of the law. It probably does not occur to most of us to read it from the angle that this insurance agent had read it. He had earned a fortune out of the profession he had entered into, due to his right perspective. After all when we view things with a creative perspective, we are bound to benefit.

Flavors adding by the fiction makers for better publish of there books

For the sake of making money some media persons publish tall stories by blowing real stories out of proportion. Fiction, falsity and flavor are added by them to incidents to make them sound sensational and stimulating. The insatiable inquisitiveness of the readers is fed with articles which are either poorly researched or contain inaccurate information. At times an unfortunate incident is distastefully and disgracefully described to create the wrong feelings amongst the readers. For instance the incident of the gang rape of a woman reads like a pulp fiction. Far from creating revulsion or rage amongst the male readers, such articles sexually arouse them. Really such a potboiler should boil our blood. Some newspapers declare the dying to be dead. Some newspapers slander celebrities and invade their privacy.

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The importance of money in daily life, the problems created by the money and everything which should be known by everyone about money is described in this article. This article will help you to understand everything about money.

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