Endosulfan : A Poisonous Insecticide

This article will make you understand the exact meaning of Endosulfan ( insecticide ) and also why it is harmful for the health of human beings. I have also discussed about the ban on the Endosulfan and Why Indian is opposing this ban, alternative of the Endosulfan and also the harmful effects on various living creatures.

Endosulfan : A major problem for the whole country

Endosulfan is an insecticide used to prevent the crops from the damage of the pests. From the current investigation of the ICMR it was found that the use of Endosulfan insecticide in the crop leads to the damage of the crop as well as it creates very big problems like cancer and other types of problem which we will discuss later. India is the major country for the production as well as exporter of the Endosulfan but after the problem found in the Endosulfan it is going to be very tough for the country to overcome from it. India is a member of the Stockholm Convention means India should not take steps which leads to create pollution. As ICMR taged Endosulfan as a harmful insecticide so it is the duty of the Indian government to stop the production of the Endosulfan and also its export.

Why farmers prefer Endosulfan as an insecticide

Farmers are mostly illiterate so as a result there are very less chances of the farmers who can understand the benefits and disadvantages of the Endosulfan. But it is very much harmful for the human beings.
  1. Endosulfan insecticide is a very cheap insecticide used by the farmers.

  2. Endosulfan is widely available and 90% of the farmers are using this from the past many years.

As I already said that use of this Endosulfan is going to be fatal so many foreign power wants India to stop the use of Endosulfan but India is opposing this because of the following reason :
  • Only in some states are infected through this.

  • Scientists are looking for the alternative which can replace Endosulfan.

  • If Government of India will ban this then poor people will suffer from this.

  • Other insecticides are costly, farmers cannot afford these insecticides.

  • Endosulfan is very much required to restrict the increasing number of the pests.

  • What will happen if Indian ban Endosulfan

    If India will ban this then farmers will suffer from this in larger amount. Below is the list of the points what will be the effect of the ban of Endosulfan in India.
    1. As the Endosulfan will ban then farmers will use costly insecticides then the price of the food items will increase.

    2. Most of the farmers will attempt suicide due to non-availability of the food, crop will be destroyed by the insecticides as there will be any Endosulfan.

    3. Foreign companies will take this opportunity and will try their level best to make their strength solid in the India.

    4. Any other insecticide will take opportunity to become popular among farmers.

    Use if insecticides in the field of agriculture comes from the first green revolution in India in 1960, it was the initial stage of the use of Endosulfan. In the starting Endosulfan was not popular among the farmers but as the time passes Endosulfan become popular and In the 21st century the use of Endosulfan is maximum to increase the production of the crop by minimizing the wastage by the pests. I read somewhere that Indian president Smt Pratibha Patil want a second green revolution. In the first green revolution Endosulfan was used first times and this is creating problem for the people of India. The main objective of the green revolution is to get maximum output from a minimum input means larger the production of the crop in a small area. If the second green revolution will take place then what will happen? this is an unsolved mistry fot the government and all the people of India.

    Dis-advantages of the Endosulfan( poisonous insecticide)

    1. Unborn children are affected in larger amount.

    2. Use of excess Endosulfan leads to the problems like cancer and Asthama.

    3. Genetic mutations in infants is also possible if the use of Endosulfan will be continuous.

    Alternative of the Endosulfan

    At present there is non perfect alternative for the Endosulfan because this is the cheapest source of insecticide and it is very difficult to invent is very good insecticide in a very cheap amount, Scientists are trying their level best for the development of the non-poisonous insecticide which can be used in the field without any problem.


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