Depletion Of Ozone Layer And Its Impact

This article explains the impact of depletion of ozone layer and the steps taken by the global countries. The ozone layer which acts as a protective blanket of the earth is depleting with the excessive use of chlorofluorocarbon. By the depletion of ozone layer the ultra-violet radiation reaching the earth may cause skin cancer and cataract.

The earth is protected by several factors, one of them is atmosphere. The atmosphere surrounds the earth and protects from various foreign intrusion to the earth surface. Ozone is nothing but the three oxygen molecular structure that is o3. The oxygen which we inhale is just two molecular oxygen o2. This ozone layer which covers the whole earth as a blanket and its thickness ranges from 35-40 kilometer in the stratosphere of the atmosphere. It protects entering harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Generally these rays are very much harmful to all living things on the earth.

Why the ozone layer is depleting:

It was noticed around in 1980, that the ozone layer is depleting. Above, the antarctic continent a huge hole in the ozone layer is formed resulting leakage of ultra-violet radiation to reach the earth. The chlorine released from the earth surface react with the harmful rays and destroy the ozone. The increased usage of chlorofluorocarbon carbon (CFC's) released from the refrigerators, air conditioner and so on accumulates in large amount of pollutants and destroy the ozone layer in large volumes. The aerosol which are released from the mosquito coils and some spray of insect repellent consolidate a huge amount of aerosol accelerating ozone layer depletion. . So, all these modern equipments proved harmful despite showing some positive aspects too.

How the ozone layer depletion is harmful to the life on earth:

Depletion of ozone layer proved to be the most harmful effect in the future. On depletion of the ozone, the harmful ultraviolet rays enters the earth surface easily and may cause skin cancer or blindness. This is not only affects the human being but also affects the animals and plants as well. The eminent scientists fear of mutation, that is sudden changes in the genetic order. If this happens then there may be a huge loss to the human race.

What is the role of Government in ozone layer depletion:

Government of India is restricting the excessive use of Chlorofluorocarbon but in many occasion it became helpless. There are some pest spray and other spray items which contains the chlorofluorocarbon carbon. By using Air condition and refrigerators large amount of freon gas is released from the cooling inventions which dilute the the ozone layer resulting allowing the harmful ultra violet radiation to the earth. So, in total we cannot say that Government is very serious about the environmental hazards.In my view, all developmental activities should only be allowed under the consideration of environmental protection act.


In the wake of natural disasters, the people should be made aware of this ozone layer depletion. It may cause a huge damage to the human kind and other living organism on earth. We can overcome from the problem only with the collaborative approach among all countries. There are many agreements and acts were passed over the ozone layer depletion but everything proved futile in the real situation. Now, it is a great responsibility of present generation to save the earth and pass on to the next future generation.


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