Some Examples For Disinfectants And The Precautions Needed Before Using It

Disinfectants are chemicals used all over the world. Most of the disinfectants used in the world are dangerous to human beings. In your houses you must keep these disinfectants away from your children. This article is related to the important examples of disinfectants & the extreme care needed before using it.

An introduction to disinfectants

We all are familiar with term disinfectants. Do you know the meaning of the word disinfectants? It is an important fact that some unicellular organisms are living on non-living objects. Substances which are used to destroy such unicellular organisms are known as disinfectants. This is commonly used to kill the dangerous microorganisms that are mainly seen in bathrooms, hospitals, kitchens etc. It should be noted that some disinfectants are even toxic in nature. That means human beings as well as animals are affected by the toxicity of this disinfectant. Some disinfectants can kill only a small range of microorganisms while others are capable of killing different microorganisms. They should be made available in the markets only in affordable rates only.

Some examples of disinfectants

There are different types of disinfectants in the world. The following are considered as some examples of disinfectants.
1.Sodium hypochlorite
2.Calcium hypochlorite
3.Potassium permanganate

Dettol as a disinfectant

Dettol is a common disinfectant which is used in our houses. We all know that Dettol is a light yellow color liquid. The most important ingredient present in this Dettol is chloroxylenol. The IUPAC name for chloroxylenol is 4-chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol. It should be noted that chloroxylenol is represented by a molecular formula C8H9ClO. Remember that the presence of chloroxylenol in Dettol may sometimes causes allergic reactions to people. Another important point regarding Dettol is that this is a poisonous substance. While opening the Dettol bottles you must always keep it away from your face. In general we can say that Dettol should be kept away from children.

Importance of potassium permanganate

Every science students are familiar with the fact that potassium permanganate is represented by the formula KMnO4. Remember that potassium permanganate does not have any odor. This is an oxidizing agent which is used for water treatment. Do you know the meaning of the word oxidizing agent? Oxidizing agents are substances that can gain electrons in a reaction & at the same time they are capable of getting reduced. Extreme care is needed while handling this chemical.

About virkon

From the points mentioned above you are able to understand the fact that virkon is an important example for disinfectant. Virkon is commonly used for controlling the growth of certain disease causing organisms & mainly applicable for hospitals, nursing & funeral homes etc. Extreme care must be taken while handling virkon because contact with this chemical can cause serious damage to your eyes. Remember that this is an important disinfectant & never try to use it for other purposes. The important ingredient present in virkon is potassium peroxymonosulfate which is represented by the molecular formula KHSO5.

Importance of sodium hypochlorite

It should be noted that sodium hypochlorite is a white solid which is represented by the molecular formula NaClO. You should always handle this chemical with extreme care. That means this is an important compound which can cause damage to skin mainly causing skin irritations. This is used in our houses to kill the disease causing organisms present in drains.

Calcium hypochlorite as a disinfectant

We all know about calcium hypochlorite. Remember that this disinfectant is in the powder form & is represented by the molecular formula Ca(OCl)2. Calcium hypochlorite is mainly used for disinfecting drinking water, cleaning bathrooms, removing moss etc. Make sure to keep this disinfectant in a safe place. Keep away from children.

Precautions taken before using disinfectants

Extreme care must be taken before using disinfectants. Protect your eyes as well as mucous membranes from the direct contact with these disinfectants. That means they are highly dangerous. Before opening the bottles of disinfectants, carefully read the instructions given in it. Before using these disinfectants, it will be good if you can consult an expert in it. Clear any doubts regarding the disinfectants before using it. After using this disinfectants, wash your hands as soon as possible even though you are wearing a glove. In case of any dangers while using disinfectants, stop using it & rush to the hospital & take the medical treatment as soon as possible.


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