Nature: The Best Teacher

The generous spirit of Nature not only nurtures all forms of life, but is also ever ready to guide, teach and embrace those willing to tune in to her ways. Wisdom and knowledge gained the way is always the best and leaves a lasting impression incomparable by any other source. Bountiful nature has much to offer, yet mankind seldom seeks it from her. The call to learn can be easily missed and ignored, yet it's unceasingly there, ever poised to impart and bring up.

Wisdom emanates from the gentle and serene nature- from the sublime and the silence, as well as from the harsh and the grotesque aspect. Lessons are for free and are imparted at any given hour or moment. No admission or tuition fees required . Reason is You are already a pupil from the day you were born. Nature not only beckons you to learn from her, but has also sustained you in ways you might have overlooked. This write up attempts to bring out instances of lessons learnt from observing nature.

Imagine yourself as a tree, so gloriously standing tall. Feel the strong winds blasting you with an with an irritating chill and sting. Now picture a tree with dried leaves and branches. Not a very appealing sight. Is it? The tree could do with a little shaking and swaying to rid itself of those leaves and branches that have seen better days. No worries. The wind is here; fierce and demanding, potent enough to perform what is required from it- clean up the mess. Space required for new business.

So what does one learn from this illustration? Is it something to do with 'moving on'? Rebirth? Regeneration? It had those impression on me. You see, not only the tree, but us do, gets our dose of harsh and strong winds at times, threatening to pull us out by our very roots! A dependable depth of root growth is needed to withstand the onslaught of adverse circumstances. And for the wind blasting you up there. Let it. It must be about time you let go of those dead branches and leaves; negative attitudes, scars, grudges, irrational fears, unrealistic expectations, etc . Bid them adieu because they are nothing but just extra weights that only makes you stoop, preventing you from living a life with your full potentials. This is one valuable lesson from nature. Life may take away things from us but only to pave the way for new sprouts and to repay us with something better; may give us an unexpected jolt, only to shake us off of dead weights. So all one needs to do at times like this is hold on to one's own roots with a positive attitude with patience and endurance.


Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman13 May 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

True, there was a story also.
A man on his way to his village took rest under a tree on his way. By lying down he saw the topside of the tree and found a small small fruits on it. He immediately began to think that how the God was foolish,as He made such small fruits in a big tree,instead he would made big fruits as suitable to the size of tree. By thinking like this, he felt asleep. But suddenly he get shocked as a fruit of that tree falls on his forehead. He felt so pain and began to thank God by saying,'Sorry! I miscalculated your doings! What you have made must be correct as you know ALL. If the fruit is bigger,as I thought,what would happen to me on falling the same on me?"

So, the Nature is the best teacher to us. Moreover, Kabirdas, the famous poet of North India, told once, that he had so many Gurus as many things teaches us many things - all are equal to Guru.

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