C.V.Raman's Thoughts About The Water Importance On This Earth

In this resource, greatness of C.V.Raman is ed in the angle of his thoughts towards the protection of water. In this resource, C.V.Raman gives important elaborate note on the water. In this resource, C.V.Raman says that water is elixir of life.

C.V.Raman thoughts about water

C.V.Raman is a great scientist. His explorations are mainly in the field of optics. "Raman spectra" is one of the greatest explorations in science field invented by him. Water has more importance to us.Unless the water, it is impossible to live in proper way. Water is the elixir of life.

C.V.Raman gave an importance task on the water that water gives beauty to the nature such that when sun shines or sets, that rays in the pond or river gives beautiful, tremendous vision to us. Mainly, water adds beauty to the countryside. In South India, all tanks are filled with rain water with cheering sight.

C.V. Raman also suggested to human kind that the conservation and utilization of water is fundamental for human welfare. The precious fluid known to be water is lost if the water is not controlled.

Like this C.V.Raman gave elaborate note of unique power of the elixir of life, called water. When water carries silt or fine soil, water takes the color of the soil with which makes the land fertile. This flow of water makes a beneficial role in the formation of earth's surface. If we neglect this water, this water can swept away the silt and finally destroy agriculture.

In the absence of plain water, it makes a land a dry and lifeless desert, but presence of the water then it turns the land most fertile.

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