Precautions To Be Taken To Avoid tsunami Dangers In India

This article describes the precautions to be taken by governments to thwart the losses incurred by tsunami. Even it is not stoppable it can be tracked with technology. In this write-up, we can know the importance of technology in understanding and taking enough measures to know the advent of disasters.

Tsunami in India

Tsunami which is a new disaster in the list of natural calamities of India may not be new to few countries in the world. As changing global environment and rest of the things, which are responsible can make this disaster a normal activity in India in coming future. Even we need not bother about this disaster, when it strikes it causes havoc which cannot be easily forgotten. Tsunami on 24th December, 2006 is not forgotten until now. The tremor in Indonesia caused great havoc in India.

There are three elements which can help in reducing the dangers of natural calamities. Those are nature, people and government. Nature is unpredictable and unstoppable. Man constantly is on the work to tame it but has not succeeded so far. But, scientific technology is helpful in understanding the behaviour of nature. It is helping to take precautions at the time of natural calamities. Once, advent of rains, monsoons, floods and droughts was not known. Technological intervention has made us know the things before hand by tracking clouds, vapour and related elements. First of all, as we cannot stop the nature's fury, there should be technological development to know it beforehand. This is the duty of government and it has to help the people. Government with technological advancements should provide alerts to the people. Later people should be responsive to the call given by government. There are instances at the time of floods, people have not moved from houses even alerted by the government fearing their houses can be looted by burglars if they go away from them. These are also practical problems which should be addressed by government. Government should show interest to provide safety of people's assets as they are paying taxes to it.

Precautions to avoid tsunami losses

Coastal protection

Government should initiate programmes for aforestation in coastal areas. As tourism is developing, there is rampant removal of plantation along the beaches. This led to give a chance to tsunami like dangers. There is growing culture of resorts along the beaches which is establishing city like infrastructure. Industries are also trying to establish their factories along coastal areas which can boost the tsunami dangers/losses in India. Chemical factories along the coastal areas and SEZs can harm coastal plantation. There can be solution to this as government can encourage coconut tree plantation or biofuel plants cultivation which can lead to harmonious judgement between environment and development. The protection of mangroves is necessary in coastal areas where they are prevalent.

Improvement of technology

There should be technology up gradation always to detect natural disasters beforehand. In India there is need of technology related to earthquake and tsunami which can create great loss within seconds.


People should be given awareness programs which can help them save their lives as well as others. There are some detectable signs before the advent of tsunami like water receding few meters unlike on new moon and full moon days. If these signs of tsunami are told to people, they can evacuate before the advent of the disaster.

Coastal constructions

It is good to have dikes in areas where ocean waters protrude when we are not able to have plantation. It is good not to have nuclear reactors and chemical factories near coastal areas which may add another injury to the mayhem. Recent Fukushima disaster caused great loss to Japan, where tsunami caused the meltdown of reactors.

International cooperation

Tsunamis are new to us but, may not be for few countries of the world. They might have developed few technologies to thwart for an extent. We have to borrow those technologies first as primary protection and later we have to find new avenues to upgraded technologies.

As environment is changing, coastal areas are under threat due to melting of icy poles. At this time government has to take care of coastal areas. Sustainable development should be the aim of government rather unplanned development. If it is not done, one day we have to regress and repent.


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