How to prepare biodata alias curriculum vitae?

Biodata or curriculum vitae plays an inevitable role in helping one achieve a respectable career. How can perfect curriculum vitae be prepared? What are the details to be included? What is the importance of curriclum vitae? Read on to find out the answers.

Biodata alias Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae, the Latin word means the course of one's life or one's life story. When you approach an organization or a company for a job, you have to present yourself before the company. Your presentation should be of the best. It must depict your qualities and strengths. This is done through your biodata alias curriculum vitae. It is a descriptive written statement of your personal details, educational qualifications, experiences, objectives etc. Actually the conceptual meaning of resume and CV are almost the same but with slight differences.

Importance of CV

Utmost care is to be taken while preparing the curriculum vitae otherwise termed as CV or vitae.

You can promote yourself through your CV. Your CV must help the employer to scan your skills and suitability and to evaluate you. A CV is your self advertising or self marketing. So you must try to make it as attractive as possible that from among a number of CVs yours must be chosen. A large number of people apply for a particular job. Hence if you fail to present yourself attractive, you may lose the chance to win. Curriculum vitae help the company to find whether the candidate is a right fit for their company.

Points to remember

When you prepare the CV, the words and flow of your writing really matters. Similarly the content of your covering letter is also very important. Always try to portray yourself as a straight forward, sensible person. Your CV must reflect your honesty and integrity. It should also be brief.

1.Write your objective. Use simple sentences. Objective should not exceed 3 or 4 sentences. Try to specify the areas where you can shine well.

2.Then write about your eligibility. Why you deserve the job and where you stand in the competition. Showcase your specialty skills.

3.Then point out what you aim at by acquiring this particular job. What you can do for the company is to be made clear.

4.Do not write those you cannot do. Companies need only smart and honest ladies and gentlemen. So they evaluate the attitude of the candidate.

5.Choose a good fond and size of the letter.

6.Give space in between the lines.

7.Use the same tense throughout your CV.

What to include

1.Your personal details such as name, address, date of birth and marital status.

2.Your objective.

3.Work experience, achievements, details of other employment, name of company, your designation, duration of previous employment etc.

4.Educational qualifications

Qualifications acquired last should come first. Institutions where you have studied, name of the Board/University and the year of passing etc is required.

5.Other achievements if any.

6.Hobbies and interests.

7.Reference of any person whom you know in the company or of previous companies.

Online application

The recent trend is to submit your CV online In that cases try to adhere to the manners and mode of e-mails. There may be hundreds of e-mails received by a company daily. If there is no mention of the 'subject' and a covering letter, your e-mail may remain unattended. Always write the 'subject'. Write a covering letter too. If your CV is sent as an attachment, specify it in the covering letter.

You are sending the CVs to multi national organizations. So, great care and diligence need to be taken while preparing a CV. Even minute points are not to be neglected. Your minor mistakes should not cause you to go behind. A good CV must resemble a good autobiography. It could hold the readers. It must exhibit your talent and eligibility in the employment market. Your CV must explain your proficiency so that your employer must get attracted to you.

You must be creative in writing your CV. It must have a different look in style and the language used. In order to have a competitive edge in the job market, you must focus on your strengths and highlight them wherever possible. But do not lose your integrity and honesty. Never copy a CV from elsewhere.

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