How to attend phone Interview

Looking for tips on how to be effective during a phone interview for a job? This article provides useful tips for novices who are participating in their very first phone interview with a prospective employer.

How to deal with your first phone interview with the new potential employer is not such a difficult task. In this article I am giving your some key points to keep in mind:

Key Points

1. Take a surprise call in stride.

Always be positive, friendly and collected. "Thank you for calling Mr. Employer. Would you wait just a moment while I close the door?" Then, put the phone down, get your resume and support materials, take three deep breathes, put a smile on your face and pick up the phone. Now you are in control of yourself and the situation.

2. Beware of over-familiarity: You should always refer to the interviewer by his or her surname until invited to do otherwise.

3. Be careful of small talk: Let the interviewer say what they want but be careful what you say. Sometimes they set a trap that may turn bad for you.

4. Allow the interviewer to ask the questions.

It is your responsibility to present yourself through your answers to their questions. This is not the time to check them out. Most likely they have your resume and possibly have talked to your recruiter. Their objective is to verify the information they have, gather new additional information and make sure your chemistry matches theirs.

5. Beware of giving only yes/no answers.

Only answer the question. However, expand your answers in order to give the interviewer an understanding of who you are. Always try to respond with a positive answer, avoid negative, self incriminating answers. Include in your answers names of individuals that you worked with that could verify your performance. Names that the interviewer could call and check.

6. Be factual in your answers.

Never, lie, mislead, fudge or say something that you can not absolutely support. The interviewer is looking for someone to become a part of their company. They will check out everything.

7. Speak directly into the phone.

Do not smoke or eat while on the phone. It is best to make sure there are no noises in the background, like a TV or radio. If you have children, secure them in another place so you won't be disturbed.

8. Take notes.

These will be invaluable to you in preparing for "the face to face interview," which is your objective. If, for any reason, the interviewer is interrupted, jot down the topic under discussion. When they get back on the line, you can hopefully return where you left off.

9. Do not ask about money, benefits, paid Holidays, etc.

Questions about what they will do for you can be misinterpreted. The proper time will come after "the face to face interview," now is not the time. Remember the interviewer can cut you out, be careful, you only have this shot.

10. During the phone interviews make sure you ask for "the face to face interview."

This is your objective, let the interviewer know that your want to work for them. You will never get the chance unless you get "the face to face interview." At that time, the Employer will explain the position in detail and present all the things they will offer you. This will be the time for you to make sure that you understand and for you to ask questions.

11. At the end of the interview, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions.

At this time thank the interviewer for their time, express clearly that you want to work for the company and would appreciate the opportunity for a face to face interview. Ask what the next step is? Ask if there is any additional information you can get for them like references.

Success comes only to those who work at it!

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Author: Deepu10 Apr 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Hi Mr.Prasanth,

It is really helpfull resource for me.I have faced 2 face to face interviews up to now im very enthusiatic to know about the phone in interviews.But your resource helped me a lot in knowing about the do's and don't that have to be fallowed in the phone in interviews.In thesame way your posting will serve many people like me who are enthusiastic about the phone in interviews.Keep going.

With regards,

Author: Prashant11 Apr 2008 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Hi Mr Deepu,

Thank you for your valuable feedback...


Author: Deepu11 Apr 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

You are welcome.

Author: ArunRanjith19 May 2008 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Thank You for your information
It is very helpful for me

Author: Vidya24 May 2008 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

useful information

Author: Ramprasad29 May 2008 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Nice information, I knew some people who attend phone interviews from office parking place, or in meeting rooms or somewhere outside which creates so much background noise for the Interviewers. It is not advisable. Phone Interviews are always scheduled, ask for your Convenient time and make sure there is no disturbance while attending the interview.

Author: Partha K.13 Feb 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

I have just now read this old article. At the outset, I congratulate the author for this extremely useful article on telephonic interview. Nowadays the concept of telephonic interview is becoming very popular. The author has mentioned how to handle such interviews. In addition to the points mentioned by the author, I would like to mention some supplementary points:-
(a) The interviewee must ensure proper connectivity at the time of telephonic interview.
(b) The interviewee must ensure perfect silence at his/her residence (or the place where he/she is present) during the interview.
(c) He/She should remain in comfortable sitting position during the interview.
(d) The pronunciation must be proper. The receiver and speaker of the phone should be kept at appropriate place so that the question can be heard properly and the voice modulation during the answer is perfect.

However, I can't fully agree with the author about Point No. 9 of the article. In case there is no chance of face-to-face interview, the interviewee has no other alternative to ask about pay and perks during telephonic interview.

Concluding my response, I again congratulate the author for this excellent and useful article.

Guest Author: KSURYA11 Oct 2017

Thank you for the useful tips mentioned in the article.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao18 Oct 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

A good article by the author. I liked the flow in the way it was narrated. Telephonic interviews are becoming popular as the people are not able to find dates to suit each other. When somebody wants to interview a person over the phone, the company HR department will inform the party about the time and date of interview. You should be ready for the interview with whatever information you want to keep with you at the time of interview and you should select a suitable place in the house in such a way that it will be calm and no disturbances and signal will be good. Keep your ears open and concentrate on hearing the other side. Wait till they complete their question before your answer. Be to the point when you answer the question and don't try to refer books in front of you while talking to them. If you are not sure of the answer, say that. Don't try to go for guesswork.

This will be a preliminary interview only. These interviews will mainly focus on understanding your technical strength and your relevancy to the job. Once they are satisfied there may be one more round of technical interview or may not be there. Once you are through, then there will be an interview with HR. In this interview, you can ask them about your perks and other benefits.The Salary part will be finalized in this. So in the initial stages, you need not ask about financial matters. You concentrate more and try to answer all the questions. If you have planned the interview well your answer should lead the interviewer to the next question what you have expected. Then he will be very happy with your subject. Then the chances of getting selected will be good.

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