Political news media in India, merits and demerits

This article deals with present trend of politicians owning news papers and news channels. This write up deals with merits and demerits and provides suggestions for democratic news media establishment. This article is a constructive critique on political news media and gives suggestions to overcome the negative effect.

Political news media

India is considered to be the world's biggest democracy. There are several things which bring stability to its democratic spirit. One of them is news media which had limited role but due to expansion of space technology, it has brought revolution in news media and with the permission from the government, several news channels have come forward to save the democratic spirit which they have been doing. But, the business people and business minded have entered the arena of new media and started playing spoilsport. Majority of the news channels have been influenced by political people.

Now we can divide the news media into three types
  • Unbiased media
  • Biased and supportive to certain political party
  • Political news media

Unbiased media

Few new channels and newspapers are unbiased and they declare what is truth and biased towards people rather than politicians. They give constructive criticism and educate people about their rights and encourage the democratic values.

Biased news media

There are news channels which are biased to specific political party as politicians have secret shares in those news channels. Few news channels are biased towards specific caste. They support the caste related politicians without criticising and supports them.

Political news media

These media are completely owned by politicians. These are used to support their political career. Politicians' news papers are used for mudslinging on opposite one and to garner support to political party. This is completely biased and not worthy to give benefit to democracy unless it is managed by democratic and good person. To know the criticism on news papers and news channels, visit Criticism against present day news channels and newspapers in India.

A news paper or news channel should be unbiased and biased to people's aspirations and their well being. But, the news media as getting good revenues attracted multiple ones to come forward to set up news channels. It is no wonder that there are more news channels than entertainment channels as they are the real entertainers with their flash news and sensational news. People have begun to enjoy this real entertainment but it has begun to show that it is not useful but time eater as well as destabilise of democracy. We have experienced news channel supporting a political party and a business man supporting a political party. Now politicians are bit forward and began to declare that we will be supported by our businesses and our news channels, which is making mockery of democracy. Politicians are involving in businesses and have entered in news media too.

Merits of political news media

Provides information

If a party owns a news paper or news channel or both, if it is in power, it provides all relevant information through its channel and it can be helpful to people to know what government is doing. The programmes which are meant for poor and young can be given without government's extra expenditure. So many programmes of government are not known to people. This makes programmes fail due to lack of participation. The situation is avoided if a channel provides relevant information often.

Explains people

If a political party who owns news media is in power, it explains to the people that why one decision had to be taken which help develop democratic spirit as political party is directly speaking to people through one of the media. This helps people know the good side of a decision and can give a best solution when they get the chance. If decision by political party seems to be wrong, they may not cast his vote in next elections to the party.

Demerits of political news media


If political party who owns news media is not in power, it may raise the propaganda. Now-a-days, political parties are owning a news channel and having partnership in other channel in secret. These channels can start the propaganda and people may not be aware of that those channels are children of political corruption.

Destabilising the government

People can be influenced with the multiple channel deceit and can give bad judgement for good government. This weakens the democratic values and once again money power wins over the democracy.

Suggestions regarding political news media

  • News media should be unbiased even though it is under the political party. But, anyhow this is not possible.
  • Press Trust of India (PTI) should be strengthened and given powers to cut off the bad effects of political news media.
  • People should be aware and assess the situation properly.
  • "News media in hands of political parties" is to be discouraged with laws.

There is axiom. You can deceive a person once or twice, but not always. This correctly suits to political news media. It cannot deceive people with its biased reports. Before people can revolt, government has to come forward to control the political news media in order to save the democratic values.

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