Comparison Of Indus Valley Civilisation With Present India Civilisation

This article is comparison between of Indus valley civilisation with present India civilisation. This article provides three issues mainly. Those are municipal administration, food storage capability of India and Indian women of BC era and present era.

Indus valley civilisation

Indus valley civilisation is the civilisation which unearthed a great heritage for Indians. This is limited to the area around the river Indus region. The unearthing process was started under British rule in India. The civilisation of Indus region can be compared to present era of India which I want to tell few issues which we have to learn from our ancestors.

Differences between present India with Indus valley civilisation

I would like to take three primary areas in which significant difference will be seen.
  • Municipal administration
  • Granary at Harappa and godowns of FCI
  • Women

Municipal administration in Indus valley civilisation and in present India

The Indus valley civilisation is urban civilisation. Every street of Indus valley consisted lamp post and well. Drainage system is well organised. Every house is linked with drainage system. The streets are neatly laid as they cut each other in ninety degrees angle.

In present India, urban population is less than rural. There is no perfect planning in street laying and town planning seems as labyrinth. Drainage system is not so well organised. Few countries are planning to face the problems of next 50 years, India is still lagged behind and is not providing up to the mark even in present. In India, there are floods due to drainage problems in rainy season. In Mumbai, due to choking of plastics in drainage system, there were floods. Our streets do have lamp posts but no electricity to light up. No hand pumps to get water.

Great granary at Harappa and Food Corporation of India godowns

Harappa is place where production is more. We can confirm it as it is in Pakistan. As there are rivers to feed the fields, there used t be more production. Hence, Indus Valley people built great granary at Harappa with intention of storing the grains.

In present day India, we have no self sufficiency and produced grains and produce was going waste by rotting in Food Corporation of India godowns. There should be good aeration in warehouses and provide food grains to needy.

Women of Indus valley civilisation and present India

Indus valley women were beauty conscious. They used hair pins, eye paint, and face powder, combs to manage the hair, lipsticks and mirrors. In this we need not talk about differences and this comes under similarities of Indus valley civilisation and present India civilisation. Now-a-days women also are beauty conscious and they use the above said materials in order to beautify themselves.

Generally, we should be more advanced than our ancestors who lived in undivided India in before Christ era. Even though it is not plausible to compare modern India with Indus valley civilisation, as there are more differences, but it is what Indians once lived in this place. We must be upgraded than them. We are most populated in the world. It does not mean that we should be in penury. When more needs are there, demand is high. To meet the demand, Government needs to provide human resources with skill imparting. India is still developing. But, we have not yet developed than Indus valley people. We have developed in holding more weapons than Indus valley people.

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