Treating stomach worms (vermiculates) the ayurveda ways

We will discuss here the treatment of worms of stomach through the aryuvedic system. If there is a discussion on the subject of stomach worms, I must say, there is no better system to treat this other than the aryuvedic system. I do hope you shall certainly stand to benefit from this article.

You must have observed that the panacea against complications arising out of diseases like diarrhoea, indigestion, gas, vomiting etc lies in everybody’s kitchens in all the food stuffs we eat. The costly allopathic medicines are not as much effective as these kitchen medicines, that also minus any side effects.

There are far better treatments in aryuveda for worms of intestines. In chief aryuvedic volumes, there are the mentions of medicinal roots and plants which are very useful against intestine related complications especially worms.

Some germicidal herbs for treating worms

  • Ajwaiin: The seed of ajwaiin has germicidal properties which cleanses intestines of worms developing in the stomach.Take a tea spoonful of ajwaiin with jaggery daily in the morning with cold water. The worms will get out during the course of defecating.
  • Bel: Bel has the capability of killing worms in the stomach itself. It is useful in the burning sensation and other related diseases of stomach as well. Its regular uses not only kills germs but treat other diseases relating to the intestines.
  • Palash: Seeds of palash with chhachh (butter milk) eases out roundworms from intestines.
  • Sabja i.e. Tulsi seeds: Take seeds of tulsi seeds with milk. This kills all types of stomach worms- hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms and dwarf tapeworms. It provides relief in case of gas, indigestion and other stomach related complications.
  • Vidang: This herb is especially effective in killing tapeworms. Take its seeds or powdered form of it with cold water in empty stomach.

Ayurvedic germicidal medicines

Following ayurvedic medicines are prescribed for treating worms. Choose your suitable medicines from amongst the mentioned on the advice of the local ayurvedic Doctors. In ordinary complications of worms, only Vidangarisht or Vidangadi Churn have been seen to be most beneficial.
  • Asav Arisht: Vidangarisht, khadirisht, Devdaryarisht Dang Ashav.
  • Bhashna: Lauh Bhashma, Vang Bhashma, Chandrasuradi, Kasya.
  • Churna: Vidangadi Churna.
  • Ghrit: Bimbi Gritam, Vidangadi Gritam.
  • Ras: Kapoor Ras, Vidang Lauh Ras, Krimi Midgar Ras, Krimi Kuthar Ras.
  • Vati: Krimi Shodhani: Krimi Gatini, Kankan Gutika.

Under the supervision of the local ayurvedacharyas, taking Karanj Tel Basti brings about immense sccour to the abdominal problems.

What to eat and what not

  • While suffering complications, don’t use meat, porks and beef.
  • All the dairy products are a strict NO in capital letters such as, ghee, butter, cheese, icecreams etc.
  • Drink only boiled or filtered water.
  • Cook vegetables after thoroughly rinsing it 4-5 times over.
  • Use old rice and wheat.
  • Use buttermilk.
  • Use of garlic, black pepper, coriander, chiraunji, are beneficial.


Therefore, as you have just sen, treating stomache germs of all kinds are effective in the ayurvedic ways which do not have any side effects whatsoever plus it is domestically available in your home kitchen. But rush up to a Doctor if the situation goes out of control.


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