What is a general purpose microcontroller kit and its working?

In this project we are developing a 8051 trainer kit for developers, beginners in embedded systems. We have shown interfacing of components such as seven segment displays, switches, LED’s, LCD’s, Stepper motor, buzzer, relay, serial port, EEPROM, keypad to the 89C51 IC. In the same circuit we have also designed power supply, which provides +5V dc supply to each component. This general purpose microcontroller trainer kit gives an idea about programming a microcontroller for various applications.

Working of a 8051 trainer kit

We have the general purpose trainer kit in which we have shown different types of interfacing on a single board PCB. interfacing of buzzer, keypad, LCD, LED, EEPROM, seven segment display, serial communication and step motor are shown in the circuit. As we switch on the power supply, 230 V from AC mains comes to the step down transformer where converts it into 12 V AC. Now 12 V AC is supplied to bridge rectifier, where it converts AC into DC with some ripple present in it, to remove these ripples a filter is provided & that applied to other IC's as micro controller, LCD, LED, keypad, buzzer, stepper motor, serial port etc. When supply is connected to all the devices, LCD displays: 'Development Board'. Working of our project starts from menu drove program, which contains list of interfacing as follows: 1. Buzzer 2. Test keypad 3. LED 4. EEPROM 5. Seven segment display 6. Stepper motor 7. Serial communication 8. Application. In our kit we have 4×4 matrix keypad, on which 12th key is for entering the specific menu. After every operation it is necessary to reset the micro controller using reset switch.

Procedure for developing 8051 trainer kit

Key 1: buzzer will buzz out. Key 2: keypad is gained access and lcd will display key accordingly. Key 3: LED's will glow in specific sequence. Key 4: EEPROM interfacing shows the string 'WELCOME' which is defined in program. Key 5: one to nine keys will be detected on seven segment display with defined delay. Key 6: shows stepper motor interfacing, which moves in forward direction. Key 7: the data will get transmit in interfacing of serial communication by connecting MAX 32 cable. Key 8: shows application by asking a password. If we enter a correct password then access will granted & relay will gets switch on otherwise access will denied.


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yes you can do a lot projects based on computer network like this one, re configurable keyboard etc.

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