The significance of the World Oceans Day

Life exists at first in the ocean. It is an indefinite repository of natural resources. But man’s uncontrollable trespassing make major challenges to this valuable natural resource. This article deals with the significance of the World Oceans Day. It also light upon the major challenges facing oceans by man. This article also makes you familiar with oceanography. Read on.

The World Oceans Day

The concept of celebrating the World Ocean Day was put forward by international earth summit which was held at Reodigenira in 1972. As per the restrictions of General Assembly of United Nations Organization, celebrating June 8 as the World Ocean Day and also conducting several programmes related to ocean day.

Ocean plays a vital role in maintaining life in the earth. Thus Ocean Day celebration helps to make realize the importance of oceans and the natural resources in it in an international level. It's other target is to save ocean from over exploitation and pollution. "Youth is the next wave for change" is the slogan of this year. The youth and the children have to play an important role in preservation and conservation of earth.

Ocean and the Sea

We usually use the words ocean and the sea in the same meaning. But in the social science each of them has its own meaning. The World Ocean is divided in to five as Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Artic and South. According t o the equator Pacific and Atlantic oceans are described as South Pacific, North Pacific, South Atlantic and North Atlantic. These are defined with the word Ocean. The sea is the small related part of the ocean. Gulf is the longish part of the ocean. The number of seas and gulfs related to these five oceans are extends up to more than one hundred.

What is Oceanography ?

The branch of science which deals with the study of ocean and the sea and their relation to the earth is known as oceanography.

The major problems ocean facing at present

Ocean is the repository of several living organisms including micro and macro organisms. It also plays a vital role in maintaining natural diversity. They can use Carbon dioxide most effectively for reproductive purpose. The billions of green organisms in the sea use Carbon Dioxide for the food making process. Majority people of our country depend upon the richness of fish in the ocean for their existence. It gives food as well as job for them. The oceans which play a major role in Eco-system are now in a miserable state due to some evil doings of men. Let us examine those problems.

Oil spread

The oil mining in the sea cause to the spread of a great extent of oil in the sea. The crude oil which is transported through the ships, petrol, diesel, the fluid leaked out from the oil tank of the ships, accidents of the tanker extra are the major sources of oil spread in the sea. It destroys the marine animals.

Over Exploitation

The over exploitation of the resources of the sea may affect the proper existence of the sea. The over exploitation of the resources also harmful to the richness of fish in the sea.

Industrial Age

Industries may cause to the overflow of polluted water in to the sea directly or indirectly. Insecticides, chemicals, oil, plastic, things extra also reaches in to the sea to a great extent.

Acid Nature

While increasing the amount of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the ocean also absorbs more amount of Carbon Dioxide simultaneously. It may cause to the increasing of acid nature of the ocean water. This is known as acidity. This also leads to the destruction of living organisms and the changes in weather.

Wastes from the ship

Along with the fuels, the liquids came out from the ship and the plastic wastes left out by the sailors also became a major challenge to the sea.

We can't imagine a life without the ocean. So, it should be preserved. Celebrate June 8 as the World Oceans Day every year.


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