How to read individuals from the blinking of their eyes?

Very few people know that the eye blinks reveal the secrets of your personality and what goes on in your mind. This dissertation is about how the fluttering of the eye lids divulge explicitly where your attentions are drawn, what you are thinking, whether you are nervous or whether your mind is agog with turmoil due to something. Let’s know how through the upward and downward movements of eye lids, one gets to know of what goes on in somebody’s mind. You better learn something too.

Everyone knows that the eyelids are the safety cover of eyes. But few people know that eye lids hides behind it the secrets of personalities and the inner most thoughts of persons. Normally everyone's eye lids open up and close down regularly in the natural way. But sometimes its rise and fall happen so abnormally fast or slow that it looks unnatural. To understand why this happens, it is imperative first to properly know the functioning of the eyelids. The blinking of eyes is a natural phenomenon which safeguards and cleanses the eyes. Its rise and fall expose the inner secrets of a person. Oftentimes, when the person is drawn in abnormal situation, the speed of the eye lids get influenced turning its movements either very slow or lazy or very fast.

For example, when a person is in attention or in caution in a much more degree than is desirable, the speed of fluttering of eye lids get slower. Similarly, while reading some interesting material, eye lids flutter a little. Just opposite is the case when the subject matter is not of much interest, the process of fluttering picks up with great speed. You can gauze the measure of interest of the listener sitting in your front with the speed of his fluttering eyelids. If he is getting bored with your talks, his roving eyes and the lids will notify you that he has got no any interest whatsoever, in your ongoing conversation.

Interest-disinterest, liking –disliking influence upon the speed of our eye lids making basis for knowing the emotions of the person in the fronts. You too better learn something this art of reading the emotions from the eye blinks.

Blinking of eyes during concentration

While working with concentration and full mindfulness, eyes blink less. The explicit feel of the concentration gets known with the speed with which the eyes open or close. As for example, when a musician is lost in creating a new tune, painter paints, litterateur wanders in his literary thoughts, poet galloping in his world of imagination-in all these states, the eyes will flutter with a dead slow pace. These are the symptoms of their concentration. While the eye lids of a person undergoing mental tension flutter violently. The fast speed of opening and closing of eyes indicate sorry states of the bother, worry, confusion and the bewilderment of the person.

Blinking eyes- expression of the persona

The speed of blinking eyelids expresses the personality of a person. The eye lids of domineering peoples flutter less per minute while talking to a person which
Is an indication of his uninhibited, decisive and sturdy individuality? While the eyelids of stolid and self conscious people flutter their eye lids with swiftness.

Similarly, the timid and wimps flicker eye lids in haste. To a certain extent the test of truth and lies are made through this. The blinking of eye lid will be more of a person who lie and try to hide facts. Just the opposite is the case with a person telling the truth whose eyes lids will remain constant and calm at the time of speaking and flap less.

And those who try to present a lie with painting it as truth, their eye lids will remain downcast all the while, staring towards the grounds and averting the eye contacts with the listener. Their lies get exposed, when their eye lids open up. Lies are written large beneath their eyes.

Eye blinking exhibits Glimmer of self confidence

The rise and fall of eye lids also indicate the quantum of self confidence of a person. His eyes blink less comparatively. But those people blink eyes with great speed who lack self confidence.

This fact could be ascertained at the times of interviews when the youths bubbling with self confidence flutter their eye lids less compared to the youths who are found wanting in self confidence.

The students who repose faith on self flicker their eyelids less than the ones who are not prepared well lack the confidence in them.

Self-esteem-morale gets divulged through the eye blinking

The fast and slow paces of flickering of eyes lids exhibit the morale of the particular individual and let slip the secrets of the peoples sitting in the fronts whether they are weaker in morale or else are stronger in it. Based on this psychology, people are advised to rehearse in isolation fist how to deliver speeches to lessen their vacillation and hesitation. As the practice of rehearsal will increase, eye flickering will lessen. TV news anchors follow this formula. Often times the err while reading news but they try to conceal with greater confidence as if everything is normal and they continue reading the news with greater flairs.


Thus, it could be said that the rise and fall of eye lids divulge the tell tales secrets of the individuals. The specialists at it find out many things more regarding the persons in the fronts simply by the speed with which their eye lids flutters.

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Author: Dr. Sukhdev Roy Shukla15 Jun 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Dear Ashish,

Yes, eyes tell a lot about a person and so do the blinks of the eyes. In many real life situations we try to read a person by reading his/her eyes. In a classroom teachers make use of this art. If a student does not have an answer to a question, there may not be an eye contact at all. Further, the confidence of the student may be read in the blinking. When there is an expression of anger the blinking may completely be absent for some time. Among friends blinking may also be accompanied by movements of eye balls while doing a mischief or say teasing a person. While showing surprise sometimes we make frequent blinking. At times when there is some eye problem there may be blinking specially with sudden change of brightness.

The beauty is that we learn all this by experience and even put it into practice even unknowingly. But I appreciate your sharing it with the members of ISC.

Author: Ashish Kumar15 Jun 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Thank you very much for coming back with your valuable tops up.That has furher added up the quality to this posts.

Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman15 Jun 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Ok ashish, but on the otherhand, if one is blinking the eyes, the meaning may be different and they started to beat! what to do?

Author: Ashish Kumar16 Jun 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

In that precarious case Ramchandran ji, start blinking your eyes even more rapidly saying this is a sort of eye disease you are suffering from since long, and save yourself from being beaten up more!

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