Landscaping techniques and methods to protect landscapes

A beautifully landscaped garden in front of a house is a relaxing sight. In many modern homes, greenery and beauty of the nature comes alive through landscapes built in and out of the garden. Is there a need to include green lawns in the garden space? What are the various aspects to be taken care of while building landscapes? The following article describes the need for landscapes, preparation of land for landscaping, methods of landscaping and the methods to nurture and protect the landscapes.

A beautifully landscaped garden makes a home heaven. After building a decent house, hardly no money remains to furnish the garden with lawns and garden. Even then, most of us try to incorporate at least a little garden space in the courtyard. If 'Where to build a landscape in a five-cent space?' is your question, then get to realize that the latest trends in landscaping and garden-building are for those who build homes in too little spaces.

Instead of building flat and plain lawns, trying innovative ideas like building cuttings, tiny hills, pathways and ponds along with lawns will bring alive a fairyland in your home. Apart from giving stunning looks to the house, such new ideas in landscaping will also make even a small garden-space look bigger. But, before starting landscape-works, the prime thing to do is to select the appropriate design for the lawns. A proper design which suits the style of the house is extremely important in the making of a beautiful garden.

Only those landscapes which suit our climates and lifestyles will last long in the long run. Experimenting with Japanese and Chinese styles of gardening is often identified to be a wrong choice. Moreover, lawns built in homes should not be like those built in hotels and resorts. Landscaping in homes should possess originality.

The need for landscapes

Modern homes are provided with all possible amenities to suit the comfort and ease which today's technology offers. Today, most of us give equal importance to both indoor as well as outdoor furnishing to our homes. In this context, why is there a need for landscaping and lawns?

The following are the most advantageous aspects which make landscaping an inevitable part of modern homes:

•The basic function which landscapes serve is to blend, merge and unite the home with the nature.

•Landscaped courtyards are often referred to as 'outdoor living spaces'.

•Landscapes should not be regarded simply as decorated spaces or garden. It ensures many benefits to the nature too.

•Landscaping controls the natural threats of soil erosion.

•Apart from this, landscaping improves the groundwater table by allowing the penetration of water into the ground.

•Use of artificial setup like interlocking tiles, concrete, cement tiles etc to beautify the home often heats up the building and surroundings. Landscaping prevents the excessive heat associated with the house and generates a cool atmosphere.

•Landscaping has another advantage of easy association with the natural surroundings of the house. Landscaping can be done even without cutting off already grown trees and plants.

•Landscaping provides green and scenic backdrop for gardening and planting flowering plants.

•Justifying the title of 'outdoor living spaces', landscapes can be play-spaces for little children and these can be peaceful spots for families to spend time.

Preparation of land for landscaping

Before preparing the land for landscaping, the soil should be analyzed well. The following are the four categories of soil which are not fit for landscaping:

•Soil with salt-content.

•Clayey soil.

•Hard laterate soil.

•Soil with concrete-content and which is rocky.

To analyze the structure and nature of the soil, the soil sample can be subjected to 'soil-tests' in soil-test laboratories. The best way to place lawns would be to dig the ground at around half feet depth, filling it with nutrient-rich soil and then placing the grass-blocks. Otherwise, the ground can be dug to remove the wastes and non-degradable materials to plant the grass. The ground should be prepared for planting lawns by mixing the soil with sand and manure. It should be made sure that no weeds grow in the land to be landscaped. Another point to take care of is to make sure that no holes are dug up while leveling the land for landscaping so that water does not stay stagnant in the ground.

Methods of landscaping

Landscaping is basically of two types:

•Heavy landscaping.

•Normal landscaping.

Heavy landscaping

The landscaping method in which huge walkways, ponds, fountains and valleys are built in the plots with lawns is called heavy landscaping. The cost for heavy landscaping is estimate to be at Rs.50 per square feet.

Normal landscaping

Normal landscaping is that method of landscaping in which building materials and wasted articles are used to build small structures like hills and cuttings and planting lawns and little plants in them. The cost of normal landscaping is nearly Rs.45 per square feet.

In either types of landscaping, further landscape-modification steps like timely nurturing, manure-application, cutting etc demand further costs. The general trends seen to be popular these days are normal landscaping techniques involving planting of buffalo grass, Mexican grass and so on. Along with landscapes, planting flowering plants and ornamental plants will yield the garden greater beauty. Small rocks, pebbles and ponds can also be incorporated.

Nurturing and protection of landscapes

Building beautiful landscapes is not all that is necessary to create a pretty garden for your home. The following are certain basic steps to follow to keep the lawns green all through the year:

•To keep the lawns look beautiful and naturally green for years, regular nurturing should be given due importance.

•Apt manure and fertilizer usages at the right time are extremely essential to protect the landscapes from fungus attacks and pests.

•To keep the lawns and landscapes green during the summer, they should be watered at least two times a day.

•While plucking off weeds, make sure to uproot them totally out of the ground.

•Timely use of manure is extremely essential to facilitate rich growth of grass.

•The lawn-grass requires cutting at the right time to prevent excessive and unhealthy growth.

•While watering the lawns, it is advisable to use springs so that water reaches all areas of the lawn.


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