What is eve teasing and what are the provision under law to punish eve teasing?

This article will teach you what the law says on the burning issue of eve teasing. It is vital for you to learn the art of self defence for the teen aged girls as well as to know the legal provisions available in cases of incidences of eve teasing.

The way the violent incidences and eve teasing against teen aged girls are on the rise these days, it has become quite imperative to be aware of what laws say in the matter of eve teasing so as to take actions to deter this menace from further rising.

Even though, the girls in the 21st century are touching stentorian of skies, but the bitter truth is this also, that they often time become victims to incidents due to their physical incapability. Incidences like eve teasing happen during the youth times the most. What our laws say in matters of eve teasing and kidnapping are being detailed below for your conveniences.

The court's definition of eve teasing

Section 354 of Indian penal code (IPC): If a person either physically or mentally offends (outraging the modesty of a girl/lady in the legal parlance) a girl or a lady with the intentions of or knowing well that the self respect of the victims will be offended, apply the physical or the criminal force, then for any such actions, he shall be liable to get a two years jail term, or may be fined or both. This is a bailable crime but be noted there cannot be a compromise after the case is registered. Males should be warned of the consequences of eve teasing.

In the provisions of the IPC, state governments can bring some amendments in it. For example, the Andhra Pradesh government has amended the act extending the period of the jail term to 5-7 years. The crime is nonbailable here which certainly will go a long way to deter the eve teasers.

The Madhya Pradesh government has included some more clauses into it. Under such crimes have been included the crime of forcing a woman in the public places. For such act of offence, there is the provision of punishments ranging from 1-10 years.

Provision for punishment

In the provision of law, the word shame has not been defined. But courts have defined it saying that under such crimes come dragging a lady with ill intentions, forcibly undressing her, try to sexually assault her against her wishes etc. The court has also included under such crimes the acts the attempts made to undress milk feeding female baby or playing with the parts of her body.

In the general Indian society, the shame or modesty of a girl child/lady influence and determine the entire personality of a girl child/lady. Her physical security is given utmost importance to. Therefore, it is imperative that the punishment of up to 10 years in other states too should be enhanced like Orissa and Madhya Pradesh and such crimes should not be bailable.

In case of kidnapping

Apart from eve teasing, matters of kidnappings are also rearing its ugly heads in youth ages in huge numbers. Kidnapping comes under the purview of section 361 of the IPC Act. It should be well known that even with her consent, a girl aged below 16 years being carried away, this act will come under the purview of kidnapping Act. The lover boy could be prosecuted and awarded a jail term up to 7 years.


Often times teen aged girls are lured away in the name of marrying her lover and pushed into the profession of prostitution or are abandoned after sexually assaulting her. For such crimes, the punishment could be anything between 7 years to life term.

Legal assistance could be effective only when the girls too should be made aware to get lured away under the influence of ignoran

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Guest Author: ansar usmani21 May 2013

res sir i want to that what time period for lodge fir and complaint for eve teasing because my cousin sister went to marriage ceremony before one and half month ago and one man pass some comment suddenly we going to catch that boy he runned and fall upon table and he is injured normally and bleeding and he is a lodge fir.

please sir do the need full.

Guest Author: khushi15 Jul 2015

I have been eve teased 2 times. My age is just 15. What was my mistake? That I was born as a girl or that I am an Indian? Indian teenage girls have the worst time. I hate India.

Actually the mistake is not only of the eve teasers, but of society and the government. A girl is not at all safe in India. She is not even safe in her own house.

Guest Author: karuna17 Apr 2016

I have been teased by one boy and want to put a case on him. Presently, in police station case has been not filed but now that boy's parents asking for compromise. What can I do now? Please suggest me and please explain that what are the punishments for eve teasing.

Guest Author: karuna17 Apr 2016

I have been teased by one boy and had put up a complaint against him. Police station case has been not been filed but now that boy's parents is asking for compromise. What can I do now? Please suggest and explain what are the punishments for eve teasing.

Guest Author: Siddharth Sharma29 Oct 2016

No need to hate India because it is not the country's fault. Just teach a lesson to them who tease you and be an example for other girls of your age.

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