Benefits of sugar cane

In this article I have discussed the multiple benefits of one of the best sub-tropical and tropical crops popularly known as Sugar Cane. Interestingly all the parts of this crop are extensively used not only for the industrial purposes but also for the excellent benefits of health of human beings.

What is sugar cane?

Sugar cane is one of the agricultural field crops being cultivated in warm temperature in tropical regions with adequate rainfall of more than 200 countries of the world. The sugar cane measuring about 3 meters height at matured state have sweet and juicy fibrous stalk.

Sweet and juicy sugar cane extracts contain rich quantity of natural raw sugar with many essential nutrients for many health benefits. Brazil and India are the largest producers of sugar cane in the world.

The origin of the sugar cane plants cultivation was in New Guinea Island in the south west of Pacific Ocean. Subsequently the cultivation of this plant was spread over many countries of the world in view of multiple health benefits of the raw juice along with commercial and domestic uses of the processed juice and its by-products.

What are the useful products and by-products of sugar cane?

Sugar canes plants are cultivated in large scale in the sub-tropical and tropical regions of about 200 countries of the world. Many large and small scales sugar cane processing industries have been developed to produce and commercialize the following products and by-products for domestic and industrial uses.

Sugar cane juice

Sweet and tasty juice is extracted during first stage of processing sugar cane in many sugar industries of the country. In the factory the sugar canes are first cleaned thoroughly and then crushed through sugarcane crop mechanisms.
The cane juices thus extracted are collected in a separate clean container for storing. The residual cane fibers are separated and stored as by-product to use as fuel in the boiler in the sugar industry.

Raw sugar

Through cleaning, boiling and evaporation processes of the extracted cane juice finally crystal like raw sugar is produced after refining for domestic kitchens and sweets manufacturing shops.


During the processes it is not possible to get complete raw sugar out of the entire green cane juice. This residual by-product of sugar cane is called as molasses which is used as cattle feed directly or sent to distillery to produce alcohol.


In the distillery sugar cane by-product molasses is processed through fermentation and distillation to produce alcohol and ethanol fuel.


Ethanol is one of the important and recently innovated by-product during sugar production. Now a days the ethanol fuel is being popularly used as an environment-friendly bio-fuels. Most of the developing countries are using ethanol in cars as the alternative to gasoline.

Paper products

The dry pulpy residues left after the extraction of juice from sugar cane are used as raw material to produce newsprint and other varieties of papers by many paper manufacturing industries in India and world.

Animal feeds

Sugar cane leaves are not used in sugar processing industries and hence cut and left in the cultivation fields before supplying to the sugar factory for commercial processing. All the tops along with green leaves of sugar cane tree is the best healthy feeds of cattle.

Sugar cane as alternate fuel

The dry residues of sugar cane after crushing in the rolling mill in sugar factory are utilized as a bio-mass energy source of heating purposes in the sugar mill as well as heating boiler water to produce steam for running turbine and generator in the power station within factory complex.

How the sugar is processed from green sugar cane?

Sugar canes are crushed in roller crushing machines in the sugar mills to extract sugar juice which is the raw liquid form of sugar having sweet taste and nutrients and minerals contents.

During refining process through boiling and evaporation the nutrients and minerals are stripped off producing refined white sugar for use in kitchen.

What are the nutritional value of pure sugar cane juice?

The following are the health beneficial nutrients and mineral contents in the pure sugar cane juice:


How pure sugar cane juice benefits health?

Rich nutrition and mineral contents in extracted pure juice of fresh sugar cane have multiple health benefits which are discussed below:

Drinking pure raw sugar cane juice can keep kidney function normal and healthy preventing any chance of kidney damage.
•The alkaline action of sugar cane juice can prevent intestinal, prostrate and breast cancer.
•Presence of sufficient quantity of water, carbohydrates and protein in raw sugar cane juice can help to keep body cool, energetic and hydrated all along.
•Regular consumption of pure sugar cane juice can prevent throat sore, cold and fever.
•Drinking sugar cane juice can help to prevent depression and keep the brain cool.
•Regular intake of extracted sugar cane juice helps to prevent urinal infections as well as control blood cholesterol at normal level.
•Sugar cane juice is an ideal drink for the treatment of jaundice patient.
•Sugar cane juice is the best energetic natural drink after sports and games to recover energy and enthusiasm.
•Sugar cane juice have laxative property which help digestion with healthy stomach function.
•Sugar cane juice does not have any sugar contents and hence a diabetic patient can hydrate their body by drinking sugar cane juice.
•Chewing raw sugar cane juice can strengthen tooth structure and prevent tooth decay.
•Drinking regularly pure sugar cane juice can strengthen lever function and prevent chances of cirrhosis of lever disease.
•Pure sugar cane juice is the best substitute of any types of aerated drink without side-effects.

How to enjoy sugar cane juice?

Pure juice can be extracted from the fresh sugar canes by hand or electric motor driven crushing machines available in the market. The extracted sugarcane juice mixed with lemon juice and pure ice cubes can taken or served in a drinking glass pot to enjoy the flavor and taste of this sweet and healthy natural drink.


Proven multiple benefits of the sugar cane large scale cultivations and commercialization of sugar canes have become the major interest of all the developed and developing countries of the world to increase their national economy.


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