How to get a Bank job ?

Banking have always been a hotspot for graduates .This sector is now one among the top recruiting firms in India offering job opportunities for more than a lakh people every year yet leaving behind a bunch jobless.New generation banks have sprout around us like grass after a good rain.So if you are looking for a stress free job that really pays, certainly give a green here.

Growth in the Banking Sector

Banking sector has found a tremendous growth over the past few years in India. Banking has reached a level as never before. Banks did not have much of an impact in the life of a common man before the Independence and even after. Banks were considered as something just meant for the high class society. It was after the economic crisis during 2992, that the banks came much closer to us. From then banking in India have been growing like anything. New generation banks are sprouting regularly eyeing this ‘bullet speed’ growth in the Industry. At present, customers can make any banking transactions sitting right on their sofa with help of core banking and internet banking.

Job opportunities at Banks

Banking sector has not only grown by itself but also have given the people a chance to grow. This sector is one among the top job recruiting industries in the country. Thousands of youngsters find their future in this sector daily. More than a lakh of new employees are being taken into banks spread across the country and that too with handsome salary. Many institutions have been started in various cities helping individuals to get into this field. If you are a graduate(of any degree) , you sure have a chance to get the call letter.

Why Banks?

You might be wondering why you should get into a bank despite other opportunities. I will give you some reasons.

Handsome Salary

Most of the banks offer a healthy scale of pay and additional benefits. The public sector banks do have more plus points like pension benefit, and other weightages. New generation banks may not provide much offers but still the salary won’t be that bad at all and you will have extra options like staff loan at a slashed rate and all that.

Stress Free

Jobs in the banking sector provides you with a stress free job when compared to one at IT companies where you would be fully utilized for each penny that you earn. Only few other jobs do have this 20:00 – 5:00 timing and a free Sunday which means that you have lots of time with your dear ones. Although some banks in the private sector do give overtime hurdles as a part of proving their standard to the customers but you are free once you get to home as there are no home works to be done. Prefer a job at a public sector bank for a stress free job.
Selection to the bank is split into two parts:-
1. Written examination
2. Interview

Preparing for the Bank examination

The written examination consists of questions from various categories including general awareness, general English, quantitative aptitude, reasoning ability, marketing aptitude/computer knowledge etc. Mostly the above sections will have the same weightage. The candidate must have knowledge on current affairs and general banking policies.

Cut off marks

Cut off marks is determined by the average obtained by the candidates every year which means that the cut off will naturally increase year by year. Most of the questions will be of easy type but take care of tricky questions as those questions will determine whether you will be called for the interview or not. Cut off marks vary according to category and if you belong to any reserved category you will sure have some considerations. Being in the general category makes it difficult for one to get through but it would be very easy if you are careful while attending each and every question.

The Interview Board

The interview board normally consist of four or five persons out of which one would most likely be a lady. There would be more than one board at a time and board would change every four days. Usually five times the candidate required will be called for the interview.

Facing the Interview Board

The interview board would be ready to test you and will try to make you fall at your weaknesses, so be ready for that and take a decision not to fall whatsoever. Before facing the interview you should be aware of a few things:-

1. Self-confidence

This quality is something that would help open doors for you in any fields of life. Self confidence is not a one day achievement but it is something that is developed by constant practice. Having good knowledge in current events and making a plan on how to face the board will boost your self confidence; so change your ‘Oh God, don’t ask me anything !’ attitude to ‘ Ask me anything from anywhere’ which will certainly help you while taking on the interview.

2. Dressing style

Dress code will help in boosting the confidence of an individual. Proper dressing will imply a well disciplined candidate. Never put on casual wears while attending the interview as it would affect your selection.

3. Body language and Personality

Introducing yourself plays a vital role in creating an impression. Always be humble while facing the board and always bear a brief smile. Greet the board members before taking your seat. Answer the questions carefully and to the point with good fluent English.

Questions frequently asked in the interview

1. Self introduction ?

When asked to introduce yourself , you should be able to picture your world with brief description and without excluding details like family, hobbies, skills etc.

2. Responsibilities after getting a job ?

Customer service is the main key in the banking sector. You should be informative on the products and services offered by the bank.

3. Special talents you should possess for the job ?

On answering this question, give stress to words like hard work, faithfulness and customer service capabilities.

4. Questions on your tastes ?

You will have to give your opinion on public affairs where in a moderate level answer will be optimum.

5. Questions on current affairs and your future in the banking sector ?

Answer such questions precisely and in a tone which would imply that you are confident on the answer.
I am sure that reading this article before appearing for the bank test will certainly help you in improving your performance. Banking sector is one of the better jobs that one can get in this competitive world. You can have questions on general aptitude and knowledge from India Study Channel. For this Go to aptitude tests!
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