Situation Of Teachers In Present Time And Qualities Of Ideal Teacher And Ideal Students

This article gives the present situation of teachers in educational system. In this article, the qualities of an ideal teacher have been given. The qualities of an ideal student have been presented in this resource. In the conclusion, suggestions to parents have been given in polite manner.

Present situation of teachers:

Now-a-days, status of the teachers is decreasing gradually. When a person enters in the teacher profession, he wants to imbibe all his knowledge into children. In ancient days, there were teacherhome to which students went to get the knowledge by giving service to teacher. After doing service some time to teacher, teacher tested the patience of the person who came to near him to study. Therefore, at that time education was teacher centred. If the student didn't ask any doubts, then the fault is of the student but not of teacher.

But today, all situations are changed conversely. In present situation, teachers have to hold the students to prove their performance for their existence. It is pity towards teachers that teachers have to go to the homes of students searching for students. For that the government has given good name that is badi bata. Ten or fifteen years ago, there was no badibata programme. At that time, strength of every school exceeded hundred pupil. But today, some schools have even below ten pupil.

Qualities of good teacher

In this crisis also I would like to specify qualities of ideal teacher. An ideal teacher has the following qualities to face drastic changes in educational system.
An ideal teacher should be:
1. Honest in their duties.
2. Confident in his/her profession.
3. Approach to modern techniques in teaching by using teaching learning materials.
4. Prepare a plan before teaching lesson to students in efficient manner.
5. Establish confidence in parents about their children's education.
6. Mingle with society to share his/her views with them.
7. Intimate the progress of every student at every moment to parents to know the learning disabilities in the children.
8. Make the students to respect, like and feel free to ask any doubts they get.

Qualities of an ideal student

Parents should strive for their children to be ideal students having the following qualities.
An ideal student should be:
1. Be honest about teachers
2. Maintain sincerity to come to the school at correct time.
3. Have interest in their subjects that are taught by teachers.
4. Have activeness in his/her behavior to save the energy of teachers.
5. Have self-discipline to follow his/her regular duties in school and home.


In the above qualities of teacher and student, even some qualities should be adapted by teachers and students to give life to education which is given to next generations without abrupt of knowledge flow. Way of thinking should be changed in parents to make their children good citizens of India. Government schools should be given importance by the parents in such a way that they have to join their children in government schools.

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