State Bank Silver Visa Debit Card - Useless in Verified by Visa Transaction

State Bank of India (SBI) is presently providing the new silver debit card with Visa logo. This article explain that though it is similar in ATM usage within country, there is a big problem with respect to verified by visa transaction its useless and even not getting authenticated.

Technology updates are making our life convenient, but at the same time after used to these technologies it is really a pathetic situation when these technologies forget to help us in our needs. It was few years' back, where we have to stand in the queue for paying any bill, withdrawing cash from bank and so on. But now we have facilities like Credit card, Debit card, Internet Banking, mobile banking etc., to finish our work so easily by sitting in our home. Now it's easy to pay your phone bill online in no time using any of the above mentioned features. The fact is we are now practiced to these facilities and if everything goes wrong on a fine morning then it will a big head ache.

My Personal Experience

I have my saving account in State bank of India. My bank is situated in an industrial township where there are a lot of transactions per month. Though we have three ATM centers of this bank in our locality, always there used to be crowd. Initially State bank gave yellow color Maestro card for all its account holders. There is no problem in withdrawing cash from ATM or swiping in shops where this card is accepted. But there was always a problem when we are supposed to pay with verified by visa or Master facility. This Visa and Master debit cards are accepted everywhere, where as usage of Maestro card is not every where. In those cases I used to get card from friends who have their account in Indian bank or Canara bank or if there is a provision to pay through internet banking then I will go for it. Recently my three year old maestro card was damaged and I applied for a new card by paying a sum of Rs.200. I received a new card and I was surprised to see a silver debit card with Visa logo.

State Bank Silver Visa Debit Card

The new card issued to me is a silver debit card with Visa logo. I was very excited to see it, as I can do my future payments and transaction which I was not able to do with my old card. As soon as I got my pin, I thought of using this card by making a payment in Tamil Nadu Electricity board which newly introduced online payment throughout Tamil Nadu. After entering initial details with the website, I clicked to pay the bill. I had four options to pay the bill,
#Credit Card
#Debit Card
#Internet Banking
#Visa/Master Transaction.
I don't have a credit card. So I clicked debit card, but this facility was not available to SBI cards. The same happened in Internet banking too. Since my card is provided with Visa logo I thought of paying with my new card through verified by visa process.

Verified By Visa (VBV)

When you get a new card you have two options to register for verified by visa. First you can directly go to the link from your bank site and register your card and secondly you can start doing your transaction and since the card is not registered it will prompt to register mean while. I decided to register while doing the transaction. But when gave my details twice it responded that it can't able to authenticate my card and after the third attempt it was blocked. Usually the blocked cards will be unblocked after 24 hours. I tried again after two days by registering first for VBV. But even then it showed me that it was not able to authenticate and hence asked me to try after sometime. I tried thrice and my card was blocked again. I gave a call to the customer care and elaborate them about the problem. They gave an immediate reply that a problem of card getting blocked should be reported to the concern branch.

Shocked in Branch

The branch in my locality is technologically upgraded. Almost all facilities are provided and it is quite a busy branch as there is always a big crowd throughout the month. It has more than 5 cash counters and the total number of employees will be more than 15. I went to my branch the next day and first enquired about it to a clerk sitting in the cash counter. He asked me to meet the cashier who is the person in charge for the cards it seems. I explained my problem to her and she was clueless of the problem which I am reporting to her and she simply told me not to use the card for online transaction and advised me to use online banking. I just understood that there is no use in talking to her, so I moved to the Personal Manager room where the Chief Manager was also sitting with him at the time. I explained about the problem and the Chief Manager simply told that it will be unblocked after 24 hours. Again I explained about the problem with Visa. Instead of answering about this, she asked me to use online banking or mobile banking features. I told her that online banking or debit card of SBI is not accepted in the payment of electricity bill and the only option available to me is to pay through verified by visa. I got a shocking reply from the chief manager; she asked me what she can do if the facility of SBI is not available in the payment mode without understanding my query about VBV. I again explained clearly about the various modes available to pay online and among them verified by visa is an option. I showed my card and told her that since my card has a visa logo, I can use the verified by visa mode to pay bill. She didn't understand this and asked me in return is that so. The thing is she doesn't have any idea related to VBV and I was really shocked about how a chief manager is not aware about this. However the personal manager understood this, but he was helpless of not knowing the way to help me and asked me again to contact the customer service through phone and mail.

Will it be solved?

I tried to find the solution by myself by searching in various forms and came to know that the problem exists with many of this card holder. However I have sent a mail again to the customer care and waiting for the return reply from them. Hope it will be solved.

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Author: Ganesh Babu27 Oct 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Hello Bhavit Singh:
The problem is fixed for me and now I could able to do all transactions. The worst thing is the concern bank or the customer service didn't help me at all and I fixed it myself. Follow the guidelines which I followed and probable it might help you out. I tried to pay docomo easy recharge with my card. So you try some online options where you can use your SBI visa card. When you are doing the transaction, the very first time it will divert you to the visa page and will ask your to create a password. Create a new password there and have it with you. This will be your VBV password and now your VBV registration is over. The same password can be used for future VBV transaction. So I suggest you to create the password and register while doing online transaction and not registering directly.

Author: Bhavit SIngh Sengar27 Oct 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Ok Sir , I'll try this one too . But how many days after getting the card , your problem was solved ??

Author: Ganesh Babu27 Oct 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Initially my card was blocked twice or thrice. Also when I tried in VBV page directly, it showed me that my card is not authorized. However when I tried this above mentioned way, I got it registered instantly. Leave a comment once it is registered for you by the above way or if you tried something different.

Author: Bhavit SIngh Sengar31 Oct 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

There is nothing to worry about your SBI card . You just have to wait 7-10 days after issuing of the Debit Card and its pin code . I think it takes time in saving the card details in VISA database . My Debit card was issued on 22nd oct and it has been showing VBV registration problem continuously , till today . On 1st Nov , means today , My Card got registered :) . SO guys , there's not a big issue , you just have to wait for a week or 10 days . Unfortunately if it takes more time , like a month or something , then you must contact the customer care 1800112211 or contact your branch manager.

Author: Chirag Fadadu07 Nov 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

My name is Chirag.I also have the same issue of SBI Silver VISA Debit Card. My old SBI MASTRO Debit card was demaged and then just on the 4th Nov-2011,I got the new SBI Silver VISA Debit card at the cost of Rs.200 and received PIN on 5th Nov-2011.But I am not able to pay through 'Verified by visa' option.Can you guide me what should I do to register it for VBV process?

Thank you.

Author: Ganesh Babu09 Nov 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

@Chirag Fadadu: The above comments should guide you to get verified in visa transaction. Have a look at it.Don't go for verified by visa registration directly. Register while you do online shopping or in stores.

Guest Author: Kobir Raja05 Feb 2012

@Ganesh Babu.. I have a same VISA silver international debit card, but i cannot use it for Gaming and other purposes that includes transferring money to moneybookers. For that purpose what should i do ? should i go for the GOLD international MASTERCARD ?

Guest Author: Hardik Patel29 Jun 2012

Sir , I've already registered on VISA directly and not during shopping ! What I have to do now , my card is also not working !

Thank you!

Guest Author: Manoj19 May 2013

hi friends,
i am also silver card member,but the problem is that i can't enter my expiry date correctly. "" allows only 4 digits to enter the expiry date.How should enter my expiry date in month & year?

so please help me to solve this problem.

Guest Author: Purebag07 Sep 2013

Well I am facing same problem. Help Center is clueless about it.This article was really helpful.
Hope I could find a solution

Guest Author: AMOL04 Mar 2014

My mobile no is not registered for silver visa ATM card . I complete the procedur on atm machine. ATM machine conformed my mobile no. but when I did my work online that time I got massage your mobile not registered. I contacted home branch gadchiroli maharashtra but they said to contact to SBI card helpline. They have no idea about. please solve this problem.

Guest Author: ant20 Mar 2014

Same problem I tried to register mobile number in atm again as they asked both in customer care and branch but still not working have you got any idea, i have mobile banking working too and following registrations just say complete mobile validation step , help me register in visa.

Author: Pravat Kumar Das15 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

It is nice to know that you are using your VISA debit card (it does not matter whether it is from SBI or any other bank), for online transaction.

How does it affect?

1 - It saves your time to stand in a queue.
2 - It saves you from carrying money out side.
3 - Our currency does not exchanged from hand to hand so it increases its life span.
4 - Also due to online transaction the money become and stay white and have a transparent record.

To increase the online transaction now days many banks are giving good offers. ICICI bank has tied up with payback. So, for each online transaction if you use ICICI debit or credit card, you get some points as reward and after achieving some points you can convert that into Gifts. Similarly, SBI has tied up with Freedom Reward for giving rewards to online users.

So you can do many things through your debit card like online mobile recharge, shopping, order to restaurant and can do swipe at many stores.

Guest Author: RAVINDRA MASUREKAR09 Nov 2014

I am holding State Bank Of India Master card silver no 5196200009967414 I tried to withdraw some amount at ATM but was unable .Please let me know how can I operate this card

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