A small and heart touching love story

This is the story of a girl who love a boy very much and boy cant accept her love due to the social structure and economy of the boy It is a heart touching love story. I tried my best to put melody and the feeling of the story. It's very small but heart touching. I don't know whether you like the story but I listened on the TV today and write it in my own language.

A small and heart touching love story

There was a Medical College many students from the different region were come do study the medical science.

As days passed in the college a love story which had many turnings which is the impact of the society and the economical balance.
This is the story of two students from same college. Their social and economic status is different which took major role in the story.
Main character: Rani and Rahul.

Here the story begins

So the girl Rani was falling in love of Rahul. They were in the same class. Rani always liked to look at Rahul. She loved him at the value of her life. The fire of love was same at both side but who to take lead to express feeling. Rahul understood one thing that her family was very reach and belongs to higher caste. They had special position in society whereas Rahul was from the backward class and his economic status was very low. He hardly managed the expense of the college. He was very Hard working and very eager to change his economic condition and he aware about the importance of the study can make change. Rahul pursuing his MBBS by help of the government scholarship, as both are in the situation which restricts them to love but love was blind. It never care about any bound.

Rani was not concern about his economy and his caste .Rani loved him very much. Though Rahul loved her very much but never tried to express it. Rahul very well known that the relation with Rani was liked making the relation with the sky and the earth which will not possible. This truth was very hard for the Rahul to accept but did it every day every minute and second he lived pain. Love made the once life beautiful this was the case with the Rani. Rani was totally blind in the love of the Rahul. They talked to each other read each others eye and understood all things.

One day Rahul decided not to give attention towards Rani so that her love converted to the hate about him and forgotten him forever. She felt Behavior of Rahul was changing. She got shocked by this behavior of the Rahul. She didn't know that how hard it was! For Rahul did it by bearing pain. After some days Rani didn't coming to the college. Rahul thought that Rani change her college or she got married. Rahul was very sad about his love became incomplete. As the days passes Rahul completed his degree with topping the university and got Gold Medal. After the completing the Degree he joined the reputed Hospital on the very first day he saw the dead boy of a girl and girl was Rani!!! He just saw the body and got shocked .He could not stop his tears and the flood of the sorrow with tears from his eyes. The life was very cruel and had no sympathy. Life made situation for met them at a place but what was the situation it was! WHAT happened with the life of the Rani leading to the death? .The big question in the mind of Rahul.
Behavior of the Rahul changed. He was not showing interest in her. This behavior was not abided by the Rani and she got paralyzed. She was unable to recover from the shocked and she finally grabbed the death. Rahul knew by her friend.

Conclusion :
We read and listen love stories most of the stories finished with happy ending, but in reality it hardly find the story in which not rejection but the condition make us take tough decision. It should be changed. Many questions have being unanswered. We must find that answer.

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