What are the advantages of making short term goals?

Life is all about experiencing and improvising. We all have certain goals in life. To achieve those goals we strive day and night. While putting in those efforts , there are times when we tend to lose focus and our plans go in bitter disarray. This article explains the advantage of setting the short term goals and how they help to achieve your goals in the long run.

Life is a learning curve. It tests your composure in the best and worst of times. We tend to expect a lot from us. This results in disappointments. We set our goals in life. We strive hard to achieve those goals. When our efforts don't pay off, we switch to other things which seem easy and convenient. In this way end up standing nowhere. The major chunk belong to this category of people. For people like these, the best option is to set the short term goals, which are feasible and realizable. The sense of achievement which a person gets from achieving those goals aids him in setting a new one. The short term goals must in some or the other way be related to what the person actually want to achieve in his life. In this way he takes baby steps towards achieving what he wants to do. This is a fact which lie congruous to the old adage, "slow and steady wins the race". Sometimes the bigger picture doesn't let us know what efforts are required of us in order to get to it. Like a building is constituted using small bricks, in the similar way a person should bank on short term goals to get to the destination.

Advantages of setting short term goals

1. They appear achievable and are time specific. Setting up a closure time for your goal is the key to achieving it. There is no fun in striving for something abstract. That is where short term goals come in handy. They are more specific and time oriented.
2. The short term goal does not let you lose focus. The person keeps on making generous efforts until he actually achieves it.
3. The confidence is key to achieving anything in life. The confidence which a person gets from achieving a small goal reflects in his other tasks as well.
4. While achieving his goals, the person tends to get more focused towards achieving something big.
5. The person doesn't feel overburdened since, everything, while achieving the short term goal, goes by the calendar and clock.

These were some reasons which suggest how superior, the idea of setting short term goals in quest of achieving the bigger aim in life is.

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