How to Face SSB interview

This article is about facing the SSB interview successfully. As there are many students who wish to join SSB for various services likes of Army, navy, Air-force this articles gives an insight to them regarding procedures, how to prepare etc.

SSB- Service Selection Board:

It is to access the personality of the candidate on the basis of scientific techniques, their aim is to select right candidate for the right place!

Service selection boards:

  1. For Army- 1. Allahabad, 2. Bengaluru, 3. Bhopal

  2. For Air force- 1. Deharadun, 2. Mysore, 3. Coimbatore

  3. For navy- 1. Bengaluru, 2. Bhopal, 3. Coimbatore.


  • SSB call letters- the call letter specifies clearly the place and location from where the representative of the SSB would collect the candidate upto the final destination.
  • Welcoming the candidates at railway station and then accomodation in board area.
  • Formation of groups- groups of 8-10 each on day of their arrival, they are issued chest numbers and everyone wear these chest numbers during tests and selection process.
  • Bio-data or board's questionnaire- candidates are given forms to fill their personal particulars also known as PIQ- Personal Information Questionnaire.
  • Opening address- a brief about the schedule of tests, duration of stay, administrative arrangements and certain do's and don'ts are told to comply with the disciplinary requirements.

Facilities for Candidates:
Transport, accomodation, free messing, free medical facilities, T.V., magazines, news-papers, canteen facilities.

The Nature of Selection Test:
Schedule of tests:
First day:
1. Screening test
2. Verbal and non-verbal tests
3. Picture story writing followed by discussion of the story.
Note: Once the screening test is over, the results declared within 1-2 hours of the completion of test. Those who clear the test are required to stay back for the next rounds and those who doesn't clear are dropped back at the railway station for their return journey.

Second day: Psychological tests
The psychological tests includes-
TAT: TAT is Thematic Appreception Test, commonly known as picture story writing. Total 12 pictures slides are shown to candidate in succession each slide is kept displayed for 30 seconds and four minute time is given to form a story on the basis of picture shown.
Note: There is no villain in the story. Hero should lead the story. Convert a negative picture into a poistive one.

WAT: WAT is Word Association Test. Total 60 words, each word shown to candidate is kept exposed for nearly 15 seconds and within this time he has to record this thought in the form of a meaningful sentence.
Example: 1. Love- An army officer loves his soldier as well as his duty.
2. Fear- Courage removes fear.
Note: Negative words written in positive manner. Do not write the word before sentence. Use present or past tense and not future tense as it's always uncertain. Handwriting should be legible without any cutting.

SRT: SRT is Situation Reaction Test. In this section 60 questions are asked and the time is 30 minutes.
Example: During the exams, his teacher threatened him to fail him in the examination. He .....
Ans: He respectfully inquired into the reason, removed teacher's misunderstanding, gave exams confidently and got good result.
Note: Attempt easier question first. Write minimum possible words in your response. Use telegraphic language.

SD: SD is Self Description. This is the last psychological test. Time for this test is 15 minute.
Example: Your parents opinion about you.
Ans: My parents think I am an obedient and responsible son. They have strong faith in me and the amount of trust they have in me, amkes me more responsible and dutiful. They love me a lot and I respect from the core of my heart.
Note: Give correct and accurate information. Be careful to avoid contraversis with what you might have written in the questionnaire.

Third and fourth day:
GTO Test- Group testing officers test.

  1. GD- Group discussion.
  2. GPE- Group planning exercise.
  3. PGT- Progressive group tasks.
  4. GOR- Group obstacles race.
  5. HGT- Half group tasks.
  6. Lecturer- They give 4 topics to choose and prepare for 3 minute and speak for 3 minute.
  7. Individual obstacles test. Comon task. Final group task. These are easy ones.
  8. Interview.

SSB A stress interview
Note: Usually the questions are based on the candidates PIQ, when first day you fill the form, be careful. SSB is the personality test not a knowledge test.

Types of questions asked in SSB:
Leading questions:
Q. Why do you want to join army?
Q. Based on your biodata or resume.

Open ended questions:
Q. More information about candidate and his achievements.

Probing questions:
These probing questions test a candidates general knowledge, current affairs, his study of specific subjects.

Close ended questions:
These questions primarily intended to seek information on specific items and test your knowledge of facts and figures. Some questions may get repeated to find whether a candidate is consistent in his approach.

Some other questions:
Q. How was your stay at SSB?
Q. How was the food?
Q. Where did you go during your stay here?
Q. Any complaints/suggestions/questions.

Note: Be frank while answering the questions and keep your mind free. The candidate who couldn't give most of the answers is GK, should not be much worried. As this section does not matter much. What does matter is your PIQ, prepare it as much as possible.

All the Best!

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