How Dangerous Is The Self Medication?

This article warns you of the hazardous consequences of the self treatment. Gobbling up other medicines besides the painkillers without the advices of a Doctor could prove to be self suicidal. How to keep safe from this situation is the topic of discussion through this item.

Yes, attention please! Taking medicines and pain killers without the advice a Doctor is fatal to your self. Dr G.P Sinha presents a recent case in this context. A few weeks ago, a 14 years old boy had come for treatments. Vesicles and blisters had grown on his body. Upon asking he told he was undergoing through a non-allopathic treatment, but started taking pain killers also after the pain of blisters grew unbearable. When Dr Sinha checked him up, he found the boy was suffering from the 'Steven Johnson Syndrome' named disease which is a life taking disease of the skin. He had high fever too. Dr Sinha advised him to be admitted into the ICU where it took him 14 days to recover from the complication.

According to experts, many similar cases are happening everywhere. These types of patients undertake self medication on their own volition. They take banded drugs. They also take Aryuvedic or Homeopathic medicines along with Allopathic medicines.

Self medication a strict no-no

People buy some common group of medicines from the chemist's shops-a situation inviting the eclipse on their own health. Some medicines look quite similar in packing and its effects too are similar. Therefore, when you go to a chemist, make it sure to bring the Doctor's prescription. According to experts, similar medicines are sold in different brand names. The patients should take the medicines of the particular band as advised by the Doctor. This is so because different brands have different properties which might not suit to the prescribed medicine by the Doctor.

Selecting the right medicine

As per specialists, before purchasing medicines, the patient should have the full knowledge from his physician about the medicines to be purchased. You should request for a sample of a medicine to be purchased for the first time round, so that you get familiarised with the looks of the medicine in question. In case you find even a slight change in the medicine supplied by the chemist by comparing from the Doctor's sample, a slight colour change, a change in the printing on the packaging, its paper, colour and fonts, report to the local authority of the medicine company and consult your physician.

Side effects

Wrong medicines can have several ill consequences. Such medicines can play havocs in sugar patients bringing the sugar levels quite low or extremely high up. This affects different parts of body adversely. There are several spurious and banded drugs which bring cataclysmic reactions to the heart such as it could either shoot up the blood pressure or bring it down to an alarming low levels causing death. The heart beats get abnormal. Such medicines affect the speed of the pumping of the heart. Self medication may turn into disastrous consequences sometimes.

Talking of cough syrups

One living example of self medication by people is the use of cough syrups. This is injurious to health. Cough syrups are of three types. The first is productive, second asthmatic and the third one is dry cough syrup. The cough syrup bottle having the sign of 'P' written in English on its label means the syrup is productive cough syrup. If the Word 'D' is written, it means it is dry and when the word 'A' is written, it would mean the syrup is asthmatic. If you buy syrup to selftreat without consulting your Doctor, it may be, the syrup might not cure your complication. You might feel breathing problem, nausea, and drowsiness also by consuming the wrong type of syrup.

Banned medicines

The following noted are the banned medicines:
Cisapride: Heart related complications develop in due course by the use of this drug.
Tegaserod : This drug was used to treat chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. This drug might increase 10 times the dangers of heart attack and strokes.
Phenylpropanolamine: This drug enhances the chances of blood pressure and heart related complications.
Rosiglitazone: This anti diabetic drug harms the liver.
Gatifloxacin: This antibiotic drug misbalances the blood sugar levels and cause complications in heart.
Chloropropamide: It was used in type-2 diabetics. This drug lowers the blood sugar levels.

Conclusion: When you go to purchase medicines, be careful to always buy medicines of renowned companies. Besides, see to it whether the batch number on the bill is written or not. The same batch number should be mentioned on the strip of the medicines purchased. Check for the import licence and the production date of the medicine which is certified by the central drug standard control organization. Examine whether on the wrappers also, the names of the manufacturer and the components of the medicine is mentioned or not. Check also for the manufacturing and the expiry dates of the medicine on its rolls. Do not accept the medicine which is lose or broke.


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