Famous Temples in Tamilnadu for Lord Subramanya

Lord Subramanya,son of Lord Shiva, has many temples in South India especially in Tamilnadu. Many people knows about the famous six abodes of Lord Subramanya. But there are many more famous temples for this Lord in and around Tamilnadu. Here some of them are narrated for the purpose of our members and other readers knowledge.

Lord Subramanya: Lord Subramanya, son of Lord Shiva, has other names as Muruga, Karthikeyan, Kangeyan, Shanmugan etc., and has six main abodes in Tamilnadu namely Tiruparankundram (near Madurai),Pazhamuthirsolai (near Madurai), Palani (near Madurai),Thiruchendur (near Madurai), Swamimalai (near Kumbakonam) and Thiruththani (near Chennai). Besides the above six Muruga has many temples with special attractions in Tamilnadu. Similar to Swamimalai Temple, a beautiful hill temple is in Ramakrishnapuram, New Delhi. To bring to the knowledge of persons with pilgrimage interest, some of the famous temples are narrated here

1. Thirupporur

Thirupporur, a small village has a beautiful temple for Lord Subramanya.
The Lord here named as Kandaswamy. Thirupporur is situated near Chennai at kancheepuram district, in a distance of 41km. Many city buses are plying from many city bus stands of Chennai to this temple..

Main features of this temple:

Here as the main deity being a murthy of self incarnation, a yanthra has been formed for daily main poojas. This yanthra has the 300 names of Lord Subramanya and it was placed on a pedestal in the form of a turtle.

Here He is in the standing posture with Akshara Mala, Kandigai as Lord Brahma, right hand as abhaya hastha as Lord Shiva and Keeping the Left hand at his thigh (called as ooroo hastha pose). This posture is depicting as the Lord is denoting as a form of the three Lords.

Normally the Annabhishekam is done for only Lord Shiva in all shiva temples but here during full moon day of October, the annabishekam is done for Lord Subramanya.

This temple was constructed by a devotee cum saint of Madurai named Chidambara Swamikal who sung 726 songs on Lord Kandaswamy.

In the main compoundwall of the shrine, a statue of Lord Subramanya is found in the structure of Kukkudapjar, having flag of cock in his hand. Kukkudam means cock. A special pooja can be done for this statue for all prayers in connection with passport, visa, foreign trip; prayer for welfare of relatives went/dwelling in foreign countries.

Here Lord Subramanya has Lion as his vahana


Sikkil is the place situated at 6 kilometers from Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu.
Peacock is also calledas siki and as Lord Subramanya has the peacock as his vahana, Lord Subramanya is also called as sikivahanan.

During a famine period, the heaven cow Kamadhenu eaten the flesh of some animal, so, it was cursed by Lord shiva to have tiger face and the curse was absolved in sikkil. For performance of her pooja, Kamadhenu created a pond full of milk and the same is now called as 'kamadhenu dheertham' or 'dhenu dheertham or Ksheera Pushkarani.

Saint vashishta formed a sivalinga out of the butter from the milk pond and he unable to take as it was found plunged into the earth, when tried to remove after pooja.

Since then the Lord Shiva here called as Navaneetheswarar / vennainathar and the place was also called as vashishtachramam.

Because of the place dense with jasmine creepers this place was also called as mallikaaranyam. Sthala viruksham of this place is jasmine, which can now be found near the niche of Dakshinamurthy.

Every year soorasamharam is celebrated here. The specialty here during that time one can see the sweating in the face of lord subramanya utsavar after the soorasamharam is over.
Dullness and ego are the character of sheep. To indicate the removal of such character in human beings, Lord Subramanya here has the sheep as vahana.

Vruthakaviri river, Gayatheertham, kamadhenu Dheertham, Lakshmi theertham, Amma Dheertham as five ponds can be seen here.

Saint vishwamitra lost his power attained through severe penance because of the love on thilothama, heavan dancer. He absolved his lost power through pooja done here.
During karthigai festival,it is pleasure to see the Oyyali seva in Vasantha Mandap.


ILANJI is in Nellai District of Tamilnadu, 6 km from Tenkasi.

Lord subramanya gives darshan here with his two wives Valli and Deivayani. As per the Thiruchendur purana, this God is named as varadharaja kumaran as he is Specialist in giving boons. Here the Lord Shiva gives darshan in the name of Iruvalukanayakar where the meaning of valukam is white sand. The Lord is formed of white sand and was formed by Saint Agasthya.. The Goddess name is Kuzhalvaimozhi Ammai.

During 1331, Maravarnan Kulasekara Pandian, a Pandya King expanded the temple much.

4. Vetrivel Murugan temple in C.Manampatti

Vetrivel Murugan temple in C.Manampatti is famous for early marriage without any struggle.

History: One time, an atheist was suffered from severe illness which was not curable as told by many doctors. At the level of lost hope by doctors, one day, he dreamt as Lord Shanmuga came and gave something to eat and advised to eat for cure. By strongly believing the dream, he called his relatives to bring peper Prasada from the temple and ate. Soon, he got every thing cured. He on his best belief formed the statue of Lord Shanmuga as he dreamt. Here the Lord Shanmuga gives darshan as single.

Prasad: Here the blessed pepper is offered as prasad. It is strongly believed that all of our incurable diseases will get cured if we took the prasad with water/milk by powdering the pepper.

Prayer: Here the pandit will offer a betal leaf with blessed holy water of Lord Subramanya to the person who came here with prayer for early marriage. The person has to wipe his face with the holy water and betal leaf and it is believed that he is getting marriage at the earliest.

How to reach: This place is situated 15km from Chidambaram, Tamilnadu.
Taking bus from Chidambaram to Killai, a place at 14 km on the way to Pichavaram and
One km from killai the temple is situated. Temple will be opened during 6 Am to 12 noon and 4 PM to 9.00 PM. Contact Phone No. 9842813884

5. CHETTIKULAM, near Trichy,

CHETTIKULAM has a hill temple. Here Lord subramanya gives darshan in a standing posture by holding sugarcane in the hand, which is a rare posture. This place is specific for prayer for child. People made prayer here by doing milk abishekam and on success of delivery of a child, they do cradle by sugarcane with the new born child as fulfillment of vow/prayer. This temple is on the hill of 240 stairs. How to reach: It is in 8 km from alathur whereas alathur is situated at 15km from perambalur and 44 km from trichy. Many buses are plying from perambalur and trichy to alathur. Only minimum buses are available to chettikulam from alatthur and many autos available at alathur to chettikulam.


Thirukavalur Murugan temple is situated in the north of Melatur and west to thirukarugavur in Tanjore district, on the banks of vettar, a river flows south west.

The Lord Subramanya, here called as kumara and grace with six faces, Valli and Deivayanai – in a standing posture.

Inside the temple we can see the shrines for Kasi Viswanatha, Visalakshi, Dwara Vinayaka, Bairavar, Arunagirinathar- famous poet who sung many songs on Lord Subramanya, Villavan Peraraiyan, Suryan.

The temple has 12 stairs to reach the top as the 12 stairs are denoting the 12 Rasis and it is believed that all doshas will be absolved if one prays here. According to the researchers, this temple is of 11-12 century. According the epigraphs, it came to know that a warrior, Villavan Peraraiyan who born in this place and ruled Madurai has built this temple. In the noon of every day, it is believed that the Lord is worshipped by performing pooja by siddhas, who are invisible.

Timings and How to reach:

The temple will be kept opened for darshan between 5.00AM and 12.00 noon and again 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM.

The temple can be reached by auto from Thirukarugavur and Bus (Route no.44) from Tanjore Bus Stand.

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