Forget the past and live in the present

This topic relates to the importance of time, which is our privilege and to use it wisely. To let you live in the Present day, rather than thinking about the paste and future. "Yesterday is a cancelled cheque Tomorrow is a promissory note Today is ready cash,use it"(ANON)

We spent so much time reliving yesterday or anticipating tomorrow that we lose sight of the only time that is really ours,the present now-Today.

Centuries ago,the Roman philosopher wrote,"There are some who torment themselves afresh with the memory of what is past, others afflict themselves with the apprehension of the evils to come. But one should count each day as a separate life."

Looking back has its value. We can learn from the past, change our attitudes and use our understanding to fashion the way we think of today. But the past itself is gone. It can't be relived.

Concern for the future has a place too. We can set goals & make plans that will guide the way we act today. But failures will come inexorably whether we worry about it or anticipate it. And it will probably be far from what we expected. Time is distributed equally to everyone, regardless of individual talents or occupation. Each of us receives exactly 24 hrs a day. Having time to spend is our privilege, spending it wisely is our responsibility.

As Denis Heasley would say,"People relate to time in many ways. Referees 'cal' time, historians 'record' time, prisoners 'serve' time, musicians 'mark' time, loafers 'kill' time, Statisticians 'keep' time. But no matter how people relate to time, the fault remains that all of us are given the same amount of time. There are only 24 hrs per day, 168 hrs per week. Use them".

We know the importance of 'time','now','today', the'present', And we have endlessly listened to or read the wise saying,

"Time takes no holiday"(Augustine of Hippo)
"Time and tide wait for no man"(Proverb)
"Remember that time is money"(Franklin)

Yet we are the slaves of yesterday captives of tomorrow.

This day is ours, we are dead to yesterday, if not born to tomorrow. So let no past memories or future dreams drown out the present- DON'T MISS TODAY.

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Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman20 Jul 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Right Nitha!
A.G.Gardener said,'every old man should live by thinking pleasant incidents of their past.' He told like this for a better old age life. Indirectly he meant that past negative/worryful incidents should never be think again.

One Pravachan said,'if we are going to a marriage, we give some article as Gift - which named as present. Like this the PRESENT (day)is a gift of God to us. We should live the present with what we provided and as a self content. This is the secret of peaceful and happy life'

Accordingly, we have to live in present without thinking the past as well without worrying about future.

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