What Are The Procedure To Get Money Back For Failed Transaction With ATM

In this article I shall let you know regarding the teller machine (ATM) miss transaction reversal of money into the bank account. We are facing this type of transaction problem from ATM frequently. No need of get panic follow the below mention procedure for that and your money will credit back into your account.

Overview of miss transaction

Some time when we are withdrawing money from the automatic teller machine (ATM), the money is not coming out from the ATM. But the transaction was done that time from the bank account and money is debited from your account. But actually customer did not receive the money from the ATM. We mostly face this problem frequently from the ATM. ATM's are centralized with the bank database electronically. This happen sometime the sever of the bank is not work properly, sever is slow and many more reason for that.

Always keep that transaction slip with you for that miss transaction. This is one of important document required for reversal of transaction money back into the bank account. This slip contains important things like.

ATM Address from where transaction took place

Time of transaction

Date of transaction

ATM ID number

Debit card number mostly four last digit of your debit card

Account number mostly four last digit of your debit card

Txn no

Response code

What procedure you have to do reversal of that money into your account

Keep the original transaction slip

transaction slip one of the most important document which will help you to claim the money from the bank. Some time when we are going for withdrawing the money from the ATM the paper is not available in the ATM machine. ATM machine gives the warning the paper is not available do want to proceed the transaction. Simply cancels that transition that time and go to other ATM which paper in the ATM for the receipt.

Make Xerox copy of the original Transaction slip

we have copy or scan the original transaction slip because after 5-6 days the ink of the transaction slip is going to faint. We cannot read the number from transaction slip.

Register the complaint through bank call centre

for logging the complaint against your money we have to call the customer care of the bank. Give the all required detail to customer care executive. After register the complaint don not forget to get the reference number of you compliant from the customer care executive for future communication with the bank and customer care. From that complaint reference number, it's very easy to track the status of you compliant.

Register complaint by e-mail

you can also log the compliant by sending the e-mail to the concern bank. The purpose of the e-mail is that you have written proof the compliant. Sometimes if its delay bank to reversal of the money, you can show that mail to them as a proof. Written complaint is always better than verbal complaints.

Inform the bank regarding this Complaint

you have to inform to your personal bank regarding this lodged complaint in the customer care, that I did not receive the money from the atm. But transaction is done by the atm. So that bank will take some necessary steps to solve your problem and revered the money back into your account without much delay.

Settlement time of the reversal of the money

Bank has to credit your money within 12 days after lodging the compliant in the bank. As per Reserve Bank of India guidelines if the bank is unable to credit the money into your account then you are eligible to get Rs 100 per day from the bank as penalty for not crediting the money into your account within the time frame. So earlier we lodge the complaint is better for to get the money back from the bank.

You have to wait for 12 days after lodge the complaint then check your account balance that your money is credited into your bank account or not. If money is not credit into your account then you have to next step as per your connivance.


We have to take little bit precautions while withdrawing money from the ATM. Do not cancel the transaction while ATM is processing you data from the server. Before withdrawing the money from the ATM check there is paper is inside the ATM machine or not. For that you can check from the security guard from the ATM. Because transition slip is very must for every transaction with ATM.

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Author: K Mohan07 Sep 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

This is the great article posted by the author and many of us are facing the failed transaction at ATM's and worried about the money that was never taken from the machine. It happened to me in Chennai. I just put my card in the SBI ATM machine at Triplicane, I could not receive the money, but printed receipt already debited with 2000. Stunned over this I called the account number branch of mine. He assured not to panic and the things will settle. While I was still not convinced with his promise, I received the message frm my mobile that the withdrawal has been restored.

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