Research Gate – A Social Network Site For Scientists And Research Scholar

In this article, I have explained about Researchgate which is a social networking site meant for scientists and researcher scholars of various fields. I have also mentioned about the main of the site and their uses.

In recent years, Social networking sites are the ones which connect the people with their friends, family members and also provide a room to connect with pen pals. In that case, two research scholars, Ijad Madisch, Harvard University (Radiology) and Sören Hofmayer, Medical School of Hannov (Virology) have thought about finding a way to collaborate more effectively and include a broader network of scientists with similar interests. Thus it led to the birth of a social network concept for scientists and research scholars called ResearchGate.

ResearchGate website- Opening page

Research Gate is a social networking site totally contributed for scientists, students and other research scholars in various field of science, art, commerce etc. It enables the people to outsource their research work and gather ideas from different people of the same field. Certain special features are available such as creating communities, finding jobs, publishing and sharing research works with eminent scientists and scholars.

It has brought a connection between a scientists working in a developing country with a scientist in developed country. For ex, researchers working in Africa, India, Pakistan will able to contribute or gain knowledge from the person working on the same field in United States, UK, Germany. This way it creates a brain storm in particular topic and led to development of the research work.

The most valuable part in this networking site is that it provides a space for finding jobs. In most of the countries, finding a job in research is a hell and inorder to relax such thing, research gate has provided a room where scientists or companies can able to advertise their recruitment for particular posts.

Features available in this social networking site

Connecting with researchers:

The site is mainly meant for connecting research scholars and scientists from various fields. Hence similar to the twitter, a follow option is provided which enables the user to follow the activities done by other researcher of the same field. The user can send any queries or request on the research work privately through the send message option. If any queries or request to be done with the public; then there is space provided in the opening page. Here the user can able to post (420 words) messages, publications, links, images or any files.

Group on specific area of interest:

The user will have a perfect space where her/his doubts will be cleared in the group discussion option available in the group section. This is a place where there will be brain storm on particular research work. The user can create their own group and suggest others to join. They can link their group activity with other related groups. Similar to facebook, the group section is provided with a poll option where the users can post any queries or suggestions with options at the bottom.

Advertising events and conferences:

Publication on events and conference in newspaper and magazines are very less, hence this site will act a column where the users can publish or view any events or scientific conference taking place in different parts of the country or world. This section will provide data on the sessions and speakers coming for the event or conference.

Library of research publications:

The user can able to access various publications based on the keywords which he/she has provided in the profile. Certain publications will be directly from author and other will be added by the users who have interest over such publications. The user will able to display their paper publication easily in their profile with the impact factor.

Job finding area:

The details regarding the job available for the particular post in a company is displayed in the job section. The users can able find the description about the qualification needed and responsibilities. After getting satisfied with the details, the user can contact the company through mail id provided at the bottom of the page.

Sharing with other social network sites:

The users are provided an option of sharing their discussion or profile in other social network sites such as facebook, twitter, friendfeed or LinkedIn.

ResearchGate has opened many gates in the field of science and research. It has become a medium between two researchers who can able to solve even a small problem faced during the project work. Such an invention has brought a bloom in this scientific world and it will create a magnum future for the scientific discoveries and inventions.


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