Difference between rich and the poor

In my article, I have discussed about the vast differences between the rich people and the poor one's, living together in India. Some examples have been used to explain the difference in subjective terms so that everybody can understand about the topics that is raised in this article.

The universe is truly an insane creature with the earth no exception. The very fact of unity evokes a bunch of questions in my mind space. Are we really united?

Since the birth of life on earth, the key factor to usher has been dominance. But with the march of time, vent to existence has gone more intricate. Such is the case with man.

With the onset of the ages, this soil has been witness to an array of dynasties, kingdoms- both tiny and petty. The report card- polarisation of wealth. This has lead to the hell and heaven difference in wealth of people, the striking fact being precise; it is not the hardcore truth that we exist in the same world, but the real fact being that we indeed breathe in a split world. Geography might not have gone through much resurrection, but society has.

India has quite been one of the nations inflicted with this disease. It is indeed a herculean job to realise the situation that we do have people with a one-crore salary and the other with three zeroes emitted. Such is the alarming situation! Mumbai- the city of dreams may rightly be the quintessence of this.

Dharavi- the largest slum in Asia, indeed not something to be proud of. This area shelters more than lakhs of citizens in shacks with tin roofs. Dharavi is something hard to define, complicated to explain, but what I have been able to realise that this is a perfect colony of dreams. For decades people have flocked to Mumbai in pursuit of dreams i.e. dream for a job. Let us turn our minds to the real estate adjacent to Dharavi. Not one of the most ordinary pieces of land- the shocking feature being that price per acre being loftier than the flashy Manhattan. Seems to be a joke! A little more scrutiny... Azhar - one among the Dharavi-kids to have starred in the Oscar winning "Slumdog Millionaire" has resided in 'jhoparpattis'(with rainwater trickling from the roof of a mere plastic sheet) on the backdrop of the strip of the skyscrapers quartering the MNCs.

The bona fide- Azhar was promised a free education and a flat but dreams remained a dream till he was given a flat under much diplomatic pressure. For starring in the most expensive film he had been awarded a thrifty fifty thousand rupees! To them it had seemed that fortune had dawned upon them, but to justice it never did.

This is a heaven in hell case. In a country, where four out of ten richest people round the globe hit the Forbes' list, there are a million Azhars, even worse than that. Dharavi is not a solitary calamity, but there are in humongous lists.

We need not stretch our bands of thoughts- a few photographs of the colony behind our house will depict the same story in micro magnitude. Thatched houses with humongous families like a swarm of bees clustered in a single hive alive by the railway lines. The tragedy is that being frustrated; they have turned out to be wagon-breakers at night. It is indeed paradoxical to witness the Rajdhanis, Shatabdis cutting through the pouch of poverty.

Let us steer to the other India, where reside riches of riches, where luxury defines life and not defies. I was on a visit to my maternal uncle's house in Delhi with my parents. Excitement was on its new height as I was keen on visiting selectcitywalk, Saket, one of the plushest malls in Asia. No chaste mall this is, selectcitywalk houses brands like that of Gucci, Armani, Ulysse Nardin and a many more in line up, enough to make a languid lad leap. These shops are tailor made for the Uber rich. A sandal costing an alarming twenty thousand bucks and a cravat a little more may sound like fantasy. We were busy selecting pens for us at the William Penn store when I was able to catch up the moment. Two men in business attire tramped to the manager and just placed an order for a couple pens costing above twenty thousand bucks each. It left me in amaze for the rest of the day.

As far as the shores of my thoughts recede, the main culprit is itself hi-tech corruption! It is high time that we eradicate this cancer as far as possible. With the 2G spectrum case, the Commonwealth piracy, the tentacles of the vices have grappled over the common man. It is a war that we need to tussle and muscle over these knaves.

Indeed the sun has started to peep over the cloud of corruption. With the administration starting to wake and more importantly the man starting to rise, civility has witnessed the silver lining.

Announcements by the RBI such as 'We do not want two Indias' flush us with confidence. So what we need to do is to revolt against the evil and gracefully welcome the good. This erratic wealth distribution may accrue to something larger than we think. More interventions by the administration will assist to lash out the devil.

There has been a lack of structures and schemes in the banking sector regarding black money- the output of corruption. Parallel economies run round the globe, not only resulting from tax evasion but also from temptation for power. It is sure that the epoch of blanketed wealth would run out of fuel. Announcements from the Finance ministry assure us that introduction of proper systems will turn the black; dark- eyed to spotless white thus infusing peace in planet.

So not only Indians but the whole citizenship-let us turn black to white and inhale transparency, lucidity and simplicity. If India can trot to almost double digit growth with the corruption tag, India can do wonders on deleting the appalling element. True talent is sure- shot to pop up and transform the definition of mere existence to meaningful existence for the millions who clamour for proper food. So let us implore that we get more Anna Hazares.

Wealth, glitz, glamour and luxury are not something to be kicked out, but seared out poverty and corruption is something to be greeted!


Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman01 Aug 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Strictly speeking, nobody is either poor or rich in this world. All are poor in onetime or in one aspect and rich in onetime or in one aspect. Rich or poor should not be termed in terms of money. Because all rich by terming moneywise,are poor in peace. There is a moral story. A rich man in a bungalow was speding many of his nights without sleep. But he found a man in the hut adjacent to his bangalow, joyfully singing all nights. One day he called him and gave 1 gold coin for his singing and happiness. Rest of the days, the hutman was not singing any song. After three days, the man of hut came to the bungalow person and returned the gold coin and told that he lost his sleeping in protecting the coin,he gave. The bungalow man realised the reason behind his sleeplessness.

Author: Yugal Patel04 Aug 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

I don't want to say that all the poor one's should become as rich as Ambanis. They should get at least the basic amenities of life, the position which we call to be "Above Poverty Line".

Author: aghil05 Aug 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

The Government should make Policies to help the poor people to meet their basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

Author: Mahalakshmi T05 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Many of the policies of Government earmarked for upliftment of poor and needy are not properly executed at the grass root level due to corruption by the officials and poor knowledge by the poor and needy regarding their entitlement in the schemes announced by the Government. Government should make arrangements to tackle this problem.

Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman05 Aug 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Dear yugal, you are right but if the needy persons refuses to accept the offering in adamant, what to do? I saw once a friend of mine bought four idlis as parcel from the hotel and offered to a begger at the enterance of a hotel in Matunga, Mumbai and I heared that it is his habit of giving like this. That man begging (he is nearly 35 years old) accepted that and started to eat. But to my surprise when I offered similarly a packet of puri to a begger in the Nagpur station to an old man begging on the platform - he just throw that packet on the rail ditch and started to drink (some liquor)from his rugs. What to say?
There are people not accepting anything but money - and the money too they are spending for liqours. your suggestion of starting some schemes to offer the poor by the Government is ok but it was already done in Tamilnadu during 1970's under the scheme of Removing the Beggers from society - by keeping all the beggers in the well constructed building at the outskirts of the cities and offered good food and dress. But to our surprise all such persons run away from there and sit back to their begging place. By tired of this effort the scheme of government vanished simply.

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