Diseases Of Rainy Season And Method Of Their Treatment

We are going to deal with the diseases which are very common incidenes during the rainy seasons every year round. Rains no doubt bring relief and succour to us from the sweltering heat but bring along with it various diseases too. This piece of item details the types of rainy season diseases and their panaceas.

Being detailed below are some of the most common diseases that comes off during the rainy season and their methods of treatments.

Colitis- most common among the rainy season disease

Occurance of colitis is a common incidence during the rains due to bacteria present in polluted water and foods during the rainy season. Polluted water/foods reach into the intestine and infect it to produce swelling. The patient feels difficulty in eating and drinking. He feels intense burning sensation after whatever he eats. This is also possible for blood to come with stool. Wounds form in condition of patient of colitis. .

Treating Colitis:
  • The burning subsides if the coconut water is given to drink to the suffering patient.
  • Juice of Anar (Pomegranate), the breakdown in intestines and bleeding are both controlled.
  • 200gm of resh curd or whea (churned up curd) are of immense help in the condition of colitis.
  • Mix honey in 10 gm of fresh juice of Amla (gooseberry) and give it to the patient to be licked. This will prove highly helpful.

Diarrhoea- the most widespread disease during the rainy season

Having its source in the polluted water, diarrhoea during the rainy season is the disease which spreads to a great deal at the slightest slips of the sense of hygiene. Since during these days, the digestive functioning deteriorates, therefore diarrhoea develops on eating foods prepared with oil, ghee etc.

Treating Diarrhoea:
  • In boiled rice , drop a little of roasted jeera (cumin seeds), curd and sendha namak and give this to the patient to eat. This treatment destroys diarrhoea.
  • Water depletes from body extensively in condition of diarrhoea. To make up for this loss the patient should be given to drink ORS mixed with water at short intervals.

Psoriasis disease during the rainy season

Polluted water and food during the rainy season forms grounds for psoriasis disease. The persons eating fish, muttons are more prone to this disease of rainy season. Polluted water and foods add to aggravate the problem.

  • One gets great relief from psoriasis by applying neem oil mixed with karanj oil on the affected areas
  • The panchnimbambu churn made up of neem when taken thrice with water in the quantity of 3-3 grams is hugely beneficial.

Sheet Pitt

The disease of sheetpitt (Chapaki) is much more rampant during the rainy season due to the hot-cold environs. Terrible itching develops in this condition. The suffering patient feels intense burning itch. Perforations erupt on affected parts.

  • To get relif from sheetpitt, the patient should eat 3gm of the powder of cumin seeds with gur (jaggery).
  • Eat amla powder with gur to get relieved.

Disease of Scabies during rainy season

During rains, people get drenched in the initial rain water and develop scabies. One should take baths with neem water made first after boiling then cooling it. Dettol bath could also be taken recourse to.

  • In 10 gm of chandan oil, mix lemon juice. Massage this lotion on your body and take bath after a while.
  • Apply chameli oil with lemon juice to get relief from itching.
  • Massaging with camphor mixed in coconut oil and bathing after some 20 minutes will prove to be highly relieving.

Decaying in fingers

The polluted water during rainy season produces decay in fingers. Fingers start to melt troubling the patient enormously. The patients have difficulties eating with hands.

  • The patient should apply coconut oil with camphor mixed in it on the affected parts.
  • The patient should take khadirarisht in 20ml volume with equal amount of water after the meals. In this ways, scabies, itching, decaying will be cured up.


During the rainy season, the water of wells, rivers and ponds is not fit for drinking. Therefore, drink water after boiling and filtering. This procedure destroys many bacteria. To ward off mosquito, cockroach and flies, wash floors with phenyl. Try your best to avoid ice-cream, ice etc during the rainy season. These could also prove to be harmful due to the presence in it of polluted water. Burning dry neem leaves keeps the mosquitoes away. The smoke of neem leaves is highly beneficial. Flies and mosquitoes take their flights from the place.

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Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman04 Aug 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Explaining the various diseases during rainy season is good and at the sametime I wish to inform one thing that the invitation to such disseases are mainly coming from ourside only. Mainly while walking on the road filled with rainwater, many of us spitting on the road ie in the water where it becomes a good cause of contageousness of diseases. Through this, I request all to avoid spitting on the road on any cause during rainy season and even normally also to avoid others to get involved in diseases. Moreover during the rainy season only many devotees are going to sabarimala or any other pilgrimage. As they are walking barefooted(here nobody should comment on them for their barefootedness as ours is a culturebased country and every body has their own culture), it our everyone's duty to have a practice of non spitting on the road.

Author: Poonam Mishra04 Aug 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Your suggestions over the topic are valuable and would benefit the readers immensely, Ramchandran Ji.

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