How To Make Your Skin Lighter Naturally?

Many of us, actually almost everyone wants our skin to look lighter. Those who possess dark skin always crib for lighter and fair skin and those who already have fair complexion too crib for a lighter skin tone. In this article I have discussed the ways to make your skin look lighter ly. There are home tips which you can apply and there are health tips which can be generally used to make your skin actually lighter by some shades.

Lighter skin tone is everybody's dream now. From young ones to grown ups, from man to woman, everyone is trying hard to make their skin tone lighter. While there are many cosmetic remedies in terms of fairness cream, face washes claiming to make skin color lighter, people want to make their skin look lighter naturally. Because use of cosmetic remedies means using potentially harmful chemicals on one's skin and invite risks to one's life. Research shows that Fairness agents used in cosmetic fairness creams can be carcinogenic and they can create other potential harms that are irreversible. for those who want to make their skin tone lighter here are some tips.

How to lighten skin tone naturally?

Your kitchen can be a place where you can find some of the skin lightening agents. They are milk, lemon(juice), tomato, Cucumber. Here is how to use them.

How to use milk for skin lightening

Milk is a natural bleach. You can use milk differently in combination of different ingredients) to lighten your skin tone. It can grab the dirt accumulated on the skin surface. Make a paste of milk(use milk cream) with refined wheat flour(maida)and apply all over the skin. When it dries rub it off gently. You will see the paste peeling off and wheat flour getting darker.

Milk is also a natural skin lightener. Use raw milk to make a paste with sandalwood powder, rice powder and a spoonful of rose water. Apply as a thin layer all over your body. When it dries a bit rub it off with the help of a bit of rose water. It also helps to lighten under-arm areas which becomes dark due to any reason.

How to make your skin lighter by using lemon

Lemon juice is an excellent cleanser and natural bleaching agent. Just make sure that you do not have any skin eruptions, acne or pimples before you apply lemon juice as a skin lightening remedy. Because when you use lemon juice it makes your skin may feel burning sensation, which is not harmful but will cause you hurt. Apply lemon juice with a cotton ball all over your face, hands and exposed parts of your body. Leave it to dry. When it dries completely wash it off with warm water.

Keep cucumber juice in refrigerator. Dip a cotton ball in it and dab on your skin when you come home after a day under sun. This refrigerated cucumber juice not only relax you immediately but also reduce sun tan. (This also reduce dark circle around your eyes too.)

How to use Tomato Juice

Juice extracted from a fresh Tomato can be excellent skin lightener. It cleanse your skin immediately and brings the natural glow back.

How to use Honey to bring natural glow to your skin

Honey teamed up with lemon juice and glycerin is an excellent skin moisturizer. Mix equal amount of honey, lemon juice and glycerin and it will bring the much desired natural glow to your skin and brighten your skin immediately.

Moreover follow a regular routine of cleaning and scrubbing and toning. regular removing of dirt that accumulated on your skin surface over a day is the best way to lighten your skin. There are two ways.

  1. Use of a mild soap and water and wash your face everyday. Most of us avoid washing our face with soaps because of soap contains alkaline. But in order to clean the everyday grease there is nothing like soap and water. But remember to use a mild soap like Dove.

  2. Like daily washing with mild soap scrubbing too is very essential for your skin's health. You can use home made scrubs. To make a home made scrub take a tbsp of oatmeal, mix it with milk and make a paste. Apply this paste on your skin. When it dries rub it off with help of rose water. This is a great exfoliator.

Apart from cleaning and using natural skin lightening products you can improve your skin tone by improving your lifestyle. Healthy skin is the outcome of a healthy lifestyle. Granny's nuska's (remedies)still work for you when it comes to possessing the great skin. Here are some ways you should avoid if you want a naturally glowing and lighter skin.

  • Avoid late nights. Late nights have drastic affect on the body's cycle. And it reflects on your skin. No one likes darker under eyes, skin break outs and blackheads and they make your skin look darker.
  • Avoid stress. Stress can be avoided by regular meditation, excercises and steady work health routine. So follow one to make yourself a happy person with no amount of stress in your life.
  • Include healthy food habits. Include sprouts, fruits, milk etc to your daily diet.
  • Avoid venturing out during hot sunny days. If you must have to go out than apply a generous amount of sunscreen all over the skin. And take umbrella also. The sunscreen should be of minimum SPF of 30. And apply sunscreen prior to twenty minutes before you go outside home.

Improving your skin quality is important because it gives the essential confidence boost. But it is equally important to be confident in any skin color. Beauty is not just skin-deep. Whatever skin color you possess naturally, you have to learn to carry yourself beautifully and confidently. Natural glow is important and it is not something you have by default. But skin color is. So let your skin color be like you have it. But improve its quality and natural glow by following the above mentioned tips to improve skin tone.

Article by Runa N Borah
Runa is a Content writer and blogger. She has started as an Expert in Relationship and Career counselling for various websites. She has been an Editor at ISC for several years and now concentrates on Article writing for ISC and her numerous blogs.

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Author: Nupur Khalkho08 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

I read your article on the natural remedies of skin lightening.I found the article to be very informative and good. There will be no need to waste money in parlours if one starts trying these remedies at home.

Thanks for the valuable contribution.

Author: elizabeth vinod18 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Very informative article about skin lightening. It is very healthy and good habit to use natural ingredients for skin treatments than using chemicals to enhance your looks. I agree with you beauty is not just skin deep. Confidence in yourself is very important thing.

You can use red sandal wood powder applied on the face for whole night for skin lightening. Also you can apply wild turmeric powder with milk on your face to get fairer complexion.

Guest Author: Misty Davis Peters27 Apr 2015

I have some minor discoloration on one side of my face that is quite noticeable if I don't wear makeup. I have tried a few lightening skincare products lately, no luck. After one week of using DermalMD Skin lighting serum is already giving me some hope. The discoloration is not competently gone, but it is lighter, improving for certain. This product has a potential.

Guest Author: Anya Matveeva23 Oct 2015

I've been using Dermalmd Serum for a few weeks and so far I'm pretty happy with the results. I've actually been using it under my armpits to reduce the darkness and lighten them up and it's working great for that purpose. I haven't tried it on my face yet, but I will try it and see if it helps lighten up my acne scars.

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