List of scams since 1947 in India till 2010

This article has been posted to inform the people about the scams which Indian has faced since independence. Congress has been ruling the country for most of the time and this is the most corrupt party behind all the major scams which India has witnessed. The list is including most of the scams which have created much loss to India.

The greed and the desire have been making a person greedy to the extent that he falls prey to unethical practices of earning money.

He practices all the illegal ways to pull in cash and make assets which he wants for his luxury. The scams which are part of India are mostly done by the major ruling part of India i.e. Congress. This party was the main party which was the part of the independent struggle. But soon after attaining independence the Congress started the scams. The first scam was Jeep Purchase just one year after getting independence and the then PM Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was the main person behind this scam.

With the span of time the Congress was divided into Congress I, Congress (U), Congress, Indian National Congress, etc. Congress has been ruling the country for 52 years out of 64 years of India as independent.

The voice of the people have been crushed by this party always as Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in 1975 when Jai Prakash Narain asked her to resign after she was found guilty by Allahabad court for irregularities in elections. The imposition of emergency was a suicidal act by Congress and it lost is the next general elections.

Anna Hazare is now raising voice against the corruption which has been due to the reason of the corrupt politicians, and says that only the Jan Lokpal bill can be a hook on the corrupt politicians. The present ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is having the Indian National Congress as its major portion, which is taking the call of Anna Hazare with lesser importance. This attitude may lead Congress to be out of the Parliament in the next coming elections.

List of scams since 1947

1. Jeep Purchase (1948)
2. Cycle Imports (1951)
3. BHU Funds (1956)
4. Mundhra Scandal (1957)
5. Teja Loans Scam (1960)
6. Kairon Scam (1963)
7. Patnaik's Own Goal (1965)
8. Maruti Scandal (1974)
9. Solanki Exposé (1992)
10. Kuo Oil Deal (1976)
11. Antulay Trust (1981)
12. HDW Commissions (1987)
13. Bofors Pay-Off (1987)
14. St Kitts Forgery (1989)
15. Airbus Scandal (1990)
16. Securities Scam (1992)
17. Indian Bank Rip-off (1992)
18. Sugar Import (1994)
19. MS Shoes Scam (1994)
20. JMM Bribes (1995)
21. In a Pickle (1996)
22. Telecom Scam (1996)
23. Fodder Scam (1996)
24. Urea Deal (1996
25. Hawala Diaries (1996)
26. CRB Scam (1997
27. Mehta's Second Coming (1998)
28. Vanishing Companies Scam (1998)
29. Plantation Companies Scam (1999
30. Match Fixing (2000)
31. Ketan Pareks Scam (2001)
32. Tehelka Sting (2001)
33. Stockmarket Scam (2001)
34. Home Trade Scam (2002)
35. Stamp Paper Scam (2003)
36. Oil-for-Food Scandal (2005)
37. 2 G Scam (2010)
38. Commonwealth Games scam (2010)

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