Natural resources and their uses

Today, man has become the most successful an dominant animal in the earth.Earlier he was not so successful and he struggled to survive and he became the master of universe. Then the use of natural resources increased and now we are facing a problem related to it. Now we are not utilising our resources properly or it is using in improper method. So we should aware about the natural resources. This article giving an idea about natural resources.

Natural resources

Natural resource is a source of supply generally held in reserve. For human being it is essential for their survival and prosperity as in the form of energy. The natural resources are the components of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. There are two types of natural resources they are inorganic and organic.


Inorganic containing water, mineral fuels, ores, stones and air.


It comprising plants, animals, microbes and their products.

Other than this classification it is classified again on the basis of abundance and availability. They are inexhaustible and exhaustible.

1. Inexhaustible; These are present widely and can not be exhausted by man's consumption. For example air, clay, sunlight etc. But air can polluted due to higher population, and we are not utilising our sun energy source maximum.
2. Exhaustible; These are likely to be exhausted by human also it is divided in to renewable and non-renewable. Renewable resources are those continuously consumed by living animals but it will renewed by nature. Non renewable resources are those can not replaced or recycled after use. Also time taking materials also calculated as non renewable. For example fossil fuels, petroleum, minerals and other. Now our petrol, fossil fuels are facing a problem and due to the consumption our energy source is decreasing.

Suggestion for using natural resources

- We should use natural resources for energy production.

- Don’t waste electricity or fuel unnecessarily.

- Try to use renewing sources for various purposes.

- We should not disturb natural resource. i .e , don’t try to make money from natural resources for example making money from mining.

- We should encourage planting tree and plant a tree and get benefits from that. Before cutting any tree plant one tree.So you can get benefits to you and your next generation.

- Use water properly do not waste water.

- Rain water harvest is one method and you will get water without any pay. It can apply easily in your homes. Make a water filter and harvest the rain water to a tank through a filter.
- We can dispose or wastes and can produce energy through compost. The energy from this can use for common cooking. The energy also can save like this. It can reproduce through wastages.
So we should utilise our natural source and same time we protect our natural source. Then it will be a goo for tomorrow.

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Need and ways of sustainable use of resources

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