The impact of television on young generation

Television is the powerful electronic medium of communication and no one can deny the universality of its influence. This articles focuses mainly on the impacts caused by the television on our youth. What are the impacts of the television, whether they are negative or positive, are discussed in this article.

At present, television is the powerful electronic medium of communication and no one can deny the universality of its influence. The television has greatly changed the human life and has great impact on human life. But, still the impact of television on the younger generation is especially noticeable and this generation is more susceptible to the impacts of the television whether they are good ones or bad ones. Television is the medium which shapes the thoughts of the younger generation in day-to-day life. Television channels telecast number of programmes out of which some are really very good while others are not. In such condition, the negative programs easily attract the young generation towards them.

Negative impacts of television

There are many serials that has positive impacts on the human thoughts like Ramayana and Mahabharata while several other serials have negative impacts too. The advertisements attract them while the reality shows and interviews of television stars enchant them. There are some channels especially music channels that show romantic dances and erotic songs. These things easily spread their magic on the younger generation, especially teenagers as their mental ability is too tender to resist these things.

Obviously, there are some academic programmes on news channels as well as on channels like 'Discovery', 'National geographic' etc. Television has become so powerful that it plays a decisive role in shaping the attitude, character, personality and the ability of the youth to look at the things. But unfortunately, the things are not going right. The television channels have
adopted the policy of telecasting the cheap and sensational programmes that will attract more and more youngsters to them. The interest of these channels is just commercial and economic. These channels also telecast some programmes like 'Aahat' that generate the superstitiousness in the youngsters even in this age of science. The television channels are busy in displaying violence, mysteries of murders, human tendencies of commiting crimes, glorification of sex and some other things which definitely have negative impact on our present generation.

Positive impacts of television

On the other hand, television telecast some pleasant and instructive programmes like healthy debates on some important topics, that help to improve the mental ability as well as thinking level of youth. Some program help to update the knowledge of national as well as international news, general knowledge. Some channels give up-to-date account of prices of different commodities, and the things required by us in day-to-day life. So, the latest commercial trends have come to your doorsteps with the help of television. Television covers the information of the latest computer technology, health practices, nutrition programmes etc, that are being used by other parts of the world. So, this aspect of television is definitely healthy as it updates the knowledge of youngsters in various areas like political, social, religious, economic, educational, scientific etc.

So, television is the immensely powerful and its area of influence is very vast. The television channels should understand their responsibility to keep its impacts on right lines. The sex psychology, violence, cheating and exaggerated heroism should not be glorified, it should be avoided. If these things are avoided, television would surely shape the character and personality of the present generation.

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