What are the health benefits of the gooseberry (Amla)?

Gooseberry (Amla), a unique gift from nature for the mankind encompasses in itself a whole range of medicinal values in it. This is the rare of the rarest fruit because there are no changes in its chemical constitution even after it is completely dried up. Let’s come together to know what are its benefits through this present article.

About 20-30 feet in length, with small leaves and green- yellow fruits, the trees of gooseberry are found everywhere in India throughout the entire territory. Its properties multiply many times over because of its great medicinal values. The usefulness of gooseberries increases more in enormous proportions because its chemical composition doesn’t change a wee bit in its dried up form as well. Vitamin ‘C’ is present in abundant quantities in gooseberry fruit which acts to augment the resistance power of our body and acts as safeguards against external infection. The Maharishi Cyavan had regained his youthfulness at the age of 70 for once and again after consuming this fruit of gooseberry. Even to this day, the chief composition of Chyavanprash is amla (gooseberry).

Medicinal values of gooseberry- for eyes

  • Eyesight increases by taking gooseberry powder with water in the morning and at the bedtime.
  • Keep gooseberry to soak in water for whole night long and filter it with the help of thin cloth. Wash your eyes with this water. Eyes become shinning and the eye light enhances.
  • Prepare a paste of the pulp of gooseberry to be applied on your head in condition of burning sensation or heaviness in your head.

Gooseberry in digesting complications

  • Stomach related complications disappears by taking two spoonfuls of fresh gooseberries juice mixed with sugar.
  • The digestive system strengthen by eating gooseberry empty stomachin the morning.
  • Hunger increases by eating raw pickles of gooseberries before the meals.
  • Boil the dried up gooseberries and eat it mixed with gur (jaggery) to get relief from anaemia, indigestion, bile disorders and polio.

Gooseberries in women’s diseases

  • The excessive bleeding occurring during the menstruation periods is effective checked up by eating banana with gooseberry juice 3-4 times a day.
  • Complications arising out of menstruation disappear by licking 5 gram of gooseberry pulp mixed with 2 gram of honey.
  • Equal result is gained out of eating 20 gram of gooseberry pulp, 1 gram of jeera (cuminseeds) and mishri in equal grams.

Gooseberry in cosmetic treatments

  • Skin becomes soft, shinning and glowing by the application of gooseberry paste mixed with turmeric powder and oil.
  • Soak gooseberry in water for whole night. Mash it in the morning and drink it with honey to gain glow and attraction on your face.
  • Pimples vanish by applying the wet seeds of gooseberries on it and there is an increase in the natural beauty of your face.
  • To stem the tides of white hair, boil the small dry pieces of gooseberries in the coconut oil and apply it on hair. Leave it for the whole night to shampoo hair the next day in the morning.
  • Soak the powder of dry gooseberries in water for whole night. Rub it on face in the morning for some days to remove pimples from face.

Gooseberries in other diseases

  • The guthli paste of the gooseberries mixed with lemon juice should be rubbed around the roots of the hair to remove bugs in hair.
  • The worms in intestines are killed by taking 20 grams of the fresh gooseberries juice.
  • Diabetics get relief from taking gooseberries along with honey.
  • Taking the mixture of ½ teaspoonful of gooseberry juice. 1 teaspoonful of honey and 100 gram of milk cures piles.
  • Blood counts in body increase by taking cane juice mixed with gooseberry juice and pomegranate juice.
  • Mental and physical weakness is removed by taking gooseberry juice with water.
  • By massaging the hair with gooseberry oil in the night before going to bed, brain power enhances.
  • Back ache is relieved by eating ½ piece of amla daily after the meals.
  • Blood impurities clear off with the fresh juice of gooseberry.
  • During intense cough and cold, taking its juice with honey only twice provides great relief and the cough clears off.
  • Cook green gram along with amla powder and eat it to get succour from long drawn fever.

To make up for the loss of vitamins, eat it raw with salt. In the 100 grams of amla pulp, about 1200 to 1800 ml of vitamin ‘C’ is present.

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