Convivial relationship: what are the bookish and the exact definition of it?

You must have heard often people telling ‘convivial relation’. Do you know the exact meaning of this? This article explains that and many things more relating to this happy relationship. If the relationship of you both are very good, and talk a lot during whole day long, this doesn’t mean you could be called love birds. Read this article further to know why?

To make the relationship unsullied and bright, it is important you take care. The sweet whiffs of relationships make your mind healthy. Often times, you pay no attention to this and let go things as they go as usual. A peculiar type of ennui seeps over all around and relationships begin chapping up. It is therefore most imperative for you to keep on monitoring and evaluating your relationship.

The acid test to a convivial relationship?

You must have heard conversing is the foundation of rapport. Conversing doesn't mean meaningless conversations. Conversing means you tell one another what churns inside within you or in your mind without even thinking what the other would feel like to hear this. When this fear clears off, take your relationship as standing on a firmer foundation and consider the relationship as convivial.

Psychologists say there is not a word like 'censor' between couples. The love birds also share this fact whether the matter is of use to the other or not, they cannot live without sharing it. This is one other aspect of a relationship and do give a thought over this.

Taking decisions on your own

The relationship without intimacy is like a flower without smell. Husbands take most of decisions on their own volition. But it sometimes so happens that they become stymied standing in a fix what to do next. Even by mistake when they ask their wives whether to do the particular work or not, pat will come the reply from the wives," Think it over, otherwise you will blame me later. This attitude of escaping the liabilities increases the distance. Not only are the wives alone to be held responsible for such situations. Husbands in the no least way are also to be blamed for such situations. Even by mistake, when the husbands take decision on the advice of wives and the result is wrong, the instance will be a tool in the hands of husbands to badger wives through the whole of their lives. Due to this kho-kho playing style of the behaviour of both do not let them have the feel of nearness even after being quite nearer to each others.

The husband would always be evasive to ask you for anything and you shall for ever be miser to advise him for anything. Where would be the scope for intimacy if so much of caution would be maintained against each other? This relationship without intimacy is just like the flower without any smell.

Listen, do this a bit

Wives of the world feel they do all the daily domestic chores. Husbands don't do anything except reading newspapers and watching TV. Just give a little thought over this to see! "Listen; just arrange the school bag of Tinku." Maidservant has arrived; you just drop Tinku to the school bus, and don't forget bringing the milk pack from downstairs' while returning back, eh. "Oh, I had almost forgotten; just switch on the motor and fill up water." "Just take this breakfast plate at the least!"

You do not have the inklings of when all these little domestic chores are performed when by your husbands. To top this all, the poor guy has to listen to your all those disparaging innuendos. Some of the works they would by habit of which you have no any knowledge about, but when they by mistake leave the wet towel after taking his baths on to the bed by mistake, you have to contend with the 1001 oblique words laced with insinuations. When after doing 9 of your commands, they ignore the 10nth, you go on to hurl accusation on him to the extents of saying " You do not love me" Do you really feel convivial relationship sprouts from such working circumstances?

The situation inimical to convivialist relationship

Just think to see this. At the times of laughter, you are in company with your friends or in the front of TV. But hen anger comes over, or tension strikes, the poor scapegoat is the husband to quarrel with. To top this all is the famous proverb, "If not to tell to you then whom to- the neighbours?" If the number of such ugly incidents mounts, the poor husband becomes evasive of his wife and tries to dodge avoiding talking even. This eventuality is not good for any relation what to speak of a convivial relationship? Whoever the two live together should develop a habit of living in the lighter moments in lighter veins. This balance is like the 'Sanjeevani' for a happy convivial relationship.

Wives are constantly evaluating their husbands. The competitiveness of why her husband is better than mine (his shirt is whiter mine) some times becomes too irritating for the husbands and the poor men become tired of replying the whys. What your husband has done today might be known to you but what your friend's husband does is in the full knowledge of yours. Sidetracking the good qualities of your husband, you always sing paeans in the glories of other's husbands. Think over it peacefully and realise what you are doing. You are cutting your own legs with axe. This doesn't auger well for future. Bring about reformations I yourself when there is yet the time before it is too late.

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